Game of Thrones Season 8 Finale: The most unexpected and twisted ending!

The finale is here and boy we couldn’t have been more disappointed yet relieved that it’s over. All the theories and anticipation that even led to anxiety all these years have been put to rest. Although the makers did receive a ton of flak for not living up to the story this season, some may actually like that it ended in a decent manner.

The final instalment begins with Dany’s speech to the Unsullied of how she will liberate the Seven Kingdoms and names Greyworm the Master of War. Tyrion on the other hand discovers the bodies of Jamie and Cersei under the rubble beneath the Red Keep. He then joins Dany on the podium where he removes and throws away his pin, resigning as the Queen’s Hand, leading to him being imprisoned.

Jon stops Greyworm from executing the remaining Lannister Army and asks them to be taken as prisoners. But Greyworm doesn’t let that happen, and says he is following the Queen’s orders. Jon meets Tyrion who tells him that duty kills love, which is a hint that Jon must do the deed to kill his love- Dany.

As Jon enters the throne room where Dany is touching the Iron Throne. He explains to her that she has killed several innocent including children. However, the Dragon Queen tells Jon that she knows what is good. In a turn of events, Jon and Dany share a passionate kiss, wherein he stabs her to death. Drogon arrives at the scene and roars in pain watching a bludgeoned Dany. He breathes fire upon the Iron Throne melting it away and spares Jon. Drogon carries Dany’s body and flies away.

A council awaits trial for Tyrion and Jon who are detained as prisoners for treason. The council chooses Bran as the King on Tyrion’s explanation that the crippled boy will serve for a good story and that a heir will never be born but chosen. Bran makes Tyrion his hand. Meanwhile Sansa asks for Winterfell to be an independent kingdom, as she departs from King’s Landing. Arya heads to the west of Westeros. The Unsullied sail away and Jon takes on the black and heads to Castle Black.

 Bran’s council is formed with Bron, Brienne, Ser Davos and Samwell Tarly. Bran says he will find Drogon and leaves for the council to decide on the working of the now new Kingdom. Jon reunites with Ghost and Giantsbane at the Night’s Watch. Sansa is finally crowned as Queen of the North. The wildlings along with Jon head to the woods beyond the wall.

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