Game of Thrones: Details and twists to watch out for in the season finale

Game of Thrones long seven seasons have been filled with names, places, swords, titles and even characters that go missing for a long while only to reappear at the crucial moment which you may not expect and are not ready for.

While we are certainly aware all the main cast is heading towards North. Danny, Jon snow, Tyrion, even Jamie are headed towards the Stark’s Winterfell, there are some characters and objects need your attention before you dive into Westeros.

Here is your guide into the main mentions you will not regret knowing

Cersei’s prophecy

While we know Cersei will never leave the iron throne and kings landing while alive, we are also certain it is her death that is about to come in the final season. Cersei as a child received a prophecy, that she would marry the kind who would have 20 children but she would have three, they will all die – while all of this has happened it is the next part that’s alarming for her. She will be replaced as queen by a young beautiful woman and her young brother will be the reason for her death.

The Greyjoys

Theon and Yara are currently aligned with Daenerys but it’s their uncle Euron that needs to be kept an eye out for. Theories have suggested he may possess a horn that can control dragons and it is expected that he will join forces with Cersei. Dragons can be controlled by special horns and Euron claims to have found one in Valyria.

Samwell Tarly 

The Slayer left the Citadel’s maester library with knowledge and is on his way back to Jon Snow. On his way back he also stole his father’s Valryian steel sword – one of the only things known to stand strong against the White Walkers.


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All swords, and weapons that can fight White Walkers

Since a war is brewing we need to know where all the weapons are.

Jon’s sword- Longclaw made of Valyrian steel and given to Jon Snow by Lord Commander Jeor after Jon Saved him from a white walker. Jon later changed the house sigil for House Mormont with a direwolf making it his own.

Heartsbane made of Valyrian steel that belongs to Tarly family has now fallen into the hands of Samwell Tarly after he stole it on his way back to see Jon.

Needle, made from Castle-forged steel was given to Arya by Jon himself. He had it forged by a winterfell blacksmith Mikken specially to match Arya’s build. She killed a table boy, Polliver, and Rorge before entering the House of black and white and hiding it along the coast.

Dragon glass also known as obsidian is used to make weapons in the form of volcanic glass. Dragon glass and valyrian steel are the only two substances capable of killing White Walker. Samwell Tarly used it early on to save Gilly from a white walker which also gave him the iconic nick name ‘sam the slayer’ and set his journey towards the citadel. The mine for this dragon glass is below the dragonstone- owned by Targaryens.

Wildfire is an extremely flammable green liquid. It is supposedly believed to have magical properties but is so volatile that it can even explode from sunlight and burns on water.


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Phares that are most likely to surface in season 8

Weirwood is a sacred tree worshipped by followers of the old gods. Greenseers can also see into the past and the present when looking through the eyes of trees with carved faces that seem to bleed.

Greensight is a magical ability to see past and future event in dreams it is a gift the children of the forest possess but some humans also have this ability.

Warg is someone who has the power to enter the minds of animals to control their actions see through their eyes and feel their senses.

The night is dark and full of terrors

A popular phrase used by Melisandre, the Red Woman, when praying to the Lord of Light or advising Stannis Baratheon. She also repeats it frequently when burning people alive, which is unpleasant, to say the least.

“A Lannister always pays his debts.”

This line has been used so many times, it’s essentially the motto of the family. The Lannisters live firmly by this rule when it comes to both favors and betrayals.

Valar Morghulis

Translates to ‘All Men Must die’ in High Valyrian, loosely meaning all men will die sooner or later. It’s also used as a common greeting particularly among the assassins known as he Faceless Men.


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Winter is coming, we have been hearing this phrase from the first season as it finally here. It indicates the long cold night that was once brought by the white walkers thousands of years ago and will find its way once again to the seven kingdoms.

The count down for the final season airing date has begun. Game of Thrones will premiere on April 14, 2019.

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