Flooding Life With Light

WALT DISNEY once said: “All of your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them.”

Life is an endless range of mountains with peaks and valleys, ascends and descends. There are always more peaks ahead to climb. Mountaineers climb peaks for mere exhilaration and achievement. Ancient kings of Tamil Nadu, the Cholas and Pandyas built beautiful temples in the South. The architecture of these temples are so beautiful that they are even duplicated abroad. The tallest gopuram is at Srivalliputhur, in the Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu. The gopuram was built after the king had a dream one night. It was constructed only because the king had the courage to pursue his dream and make it come true.

Dr. Harold Bloomfield analyses the way joy comes out of struggle and the courage to pursue dreams. He says that just like the body passes through definite stages in the process of healing a wound or an injury, our thoughts also pass through definite stages as we recover and heal our emotional wounds. The first stage is shock. There is denial. We blame God and say things like ‘God is unkind’, ‘Fate is against me’, and so on. For a little while, we are not capable of coping with the problem.  Then comes the next stage. We feel angry and depressed. We feel betrayed. We feel hurt. We are grief-stricken. Many of us get stuck at this stage because we do not allow the experience of pain to simmer and percolate. Finally, there is understanding and acceptance, and with that an inner joy wells up. This is what is called realization of the truth. It is discovering the self.

It is important to stay rooted in life. The instinct to love, to work and to live productively is very necessary. The fully developed person or a very matured person has creative forces that flood everything they touch with light and that removes darkness completely. A dream, a vision flows from a clear call of Destiny when choices are made, when alternatives are screened and when values and standards are applied to develop skills to handle whatever may come along. A powerful drive can only be created by powerful thoughts. If our dreams are right, our lives will be flooded with light always.

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