Find a new friend in technology – Dr Upinder Dhar  Vice-Chancellor  Shri Vaishnav Vidyapeeth  Vishwavidyalaya, Indore

We are living in an era of advanced technology and every part of our daily life is association with technology in one way or the other. Technology has brought better facilities and even better luxuries to our lives, because its development is not confined to any one sector. The internet, computers and mobile phones illustrate the role of technology in improving our society. Efficiency has substantially increased, thanks to these inventions.

Our work and social lives have been transformed. People can now work from home and collaborate with teams located in other towns, countries, or even continents. We can stay in touch with friends and families living abroad. News of events across the globe is transmitted in seconds through internet, social media and large number of television channels. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter are extremely useful. Thanks to technology, grandparents get to see and chat with their grandchildren more often. People, today, get to meet others sharing similar hobbies or interests.

Alternative forms of entertainment and art have developed very fast due to new technologies. Movies, television shows, music and video games occupy central place in people’s lives today. The importance of technology in development of renewable energies is evident. Without technological progress, it would be difficult to envisage a green future in which the problem of climate change could be kept under control. Scientific advancements are making electric cars more affordable and enhancing effectiveness and efficiency of solar energy.

Thanks to technological progress that people now live longer and much more comfortable lives. Technological progress has allowed doctors to develop new techniques for diagnosis and mitigation of diseases and other conditions. Technology has allowed people to travel faster and trade goods all over the world. You can now buy goods produced far away. In the same supermarket, you can find French cheese, Spanish olive oil and Brazilian coffee.

Industrial societies depend heavily on technological progress and are fast becoming technological societies. We can feed a fast growing population – thanks to the continuous innovations in agriculture production techniques. New inventions help foster the production, storage, treatment and transportation of goods.

Societies, which invest in research and development have a competitive edge. The people in technologically advanced societies live more comfortable lives. In fact, we need to see technology as a friend and adopt it for constructive existence.

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