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Fashion is now a matter of stripes


Wall Street-inspired banker stripes trend has caught the fancy. Sapna Sarfare finds the details

You always get stuck on formals. Most just do not have the knack to know what works well. And if it is a trend, then chances are you goof up before you can scream ‘Marco Polo’. Fear Banker stripes are the latest trend to hit fashionville. Inspired by Wall Street and converted to be worn in various formats for various occasions, you cannot be laidback regarding it.

Trend, Inspiration & Changes


Amongst the stripes trend, designer Gautam Gupta thinks banker stripe is the linear look of the moment. “Banker stripes are not like your typical stripes. They’re often combined with a soft baby blue shade and white pin or vertical stripes. It’s no wonder why it’s trending so big right now. It’s perfect for spring and summer, since the color combination is light and refreshing. Plus, it’s figure flattering, since the vertical stripes have a slimming effect as opposed to classic horizontal stripes, which can make one appear wider, all depending on how they’re styled of course.”

For Sreyashee Halder, Head Designer, W, banker stripes means clean minimal uniform thin stripes mostly linked with formal menswear. “But this classic has started creating a buzz in the women’s arena as well.”

For Any Occasion


When it comes to such trends, one does get slightly confused of whether you can wear it for office or any occasion. Sreyashee divulges, “Office wear these days have also taken a more playful & modern look. These stripes can be worn with interesting grain play. In women’s wear, these classic graphic stripes are making a statement by highlighting dynamic angles and emphasizing on engineered silhouettes. They also look offbeat with contrasting colourful floral folk embroideries. Apart from tops, this trend is being adapted in dresses and skirts as well.”

Gupta reveals, “We love this trend whether teamed with solids or boldly worn head-to-toe. In fact, banker stripes are embracing dresses, trousers, skirts and more. The classic button-down shirt too is being deconstructed to give way to more versatile styles, making it appropriate to be worn outside the confines of your office.”


The Wrong Turn

Of course, you can twist the fashion knob the wrong way. Gupta reveals, “It really does help to lighten and freshen up an outfit and the combination looks great on everyone, regardless of shape or size. Plus, it can visually lengthen your upper body placed vertically, so if you have a short torso.”

Sreyashee on the other hand feels banker stripes have a great chance to give nice easy & minimal look. “There are less chances of one going wrong with this look.”

Go Trend

Advice is always welcome on wearing the latest trend. Sreyashee recommends, “These stripes look different in nice sorbet colours of the season. Banker stripes should be worn with one highlight element that creates the impact like chunky embroideries or a contrasting printed scarf for additional panache. These stripes are not only suitable for day, when on silks or fluid chiffons and accessorized well, they could be used to create a stunning evening outfit as well.”

Gupta speaks about taking the boardroom staple further into wide-leg pants and feminine silhouettes. “You see print appear on tailored blazers in oversized proportions. They have been given importance with vinyl and fur accents, current cuts. This gives a classic casual or semi casual facelift, which then can be paired with smart separates like sleek pants, billowing tea-length skirts, and corset.”

Go Further

Of course, you will never wear just the attire. Gupta feels that with stripes being figure flattering, they can perfectly match glamorous accessories like nice dimensional gold jewellery with pair of white sneakers or a bold solid color funk accessory. “Tote bags look cool for casual day look. For evening wear, team it up with nice blingy accessory with not much of heels to draw attention out from the print. Banker stripes itself is flattering; minimalism keeps it great and perfect!”

Sreyashee agrees with Gupta on the formal look aspect. “When paired with a solid or subtly patterned blazer, the banker stripe looks formal and would be the focus of any outfit. On the contrary this look can look extremely fun and playful when cross coordinated with vivid pop coloured accessories.”

Lambi Race Ka Ghoda

Banker stripes are not that one time affair you will be having. Sreyashee reveals, “With time, we can expect the treatments to vary and newer looks would evolve. However the basic banker stripe would always remain a classic and never go out of style.”

Gupta says, “This trend has already hit the stores and you can easily find them on online stores. ZARA, H&M and FOREVER 21 are full of stripes and aren’t even heavy on price. Styling this trend is pretty easy. It’s a must buy for regular wear too.”

Go ahead. Bank on banker stripes to look smart. Grab the praising eyeballs.

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