Fashion fundas: How to best wear wrap dresses

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Blake Lively looks stunning in a pink wrap dress |

What a difference a trend can make to your appearance. And wrap dresses are a trend which is elegance with ease and does wonders for your mood. It can be worn anywhere or on anything and has become a lightweight staple. Wear this tricky style well is quite the task.

What a comeback!

Wrap dresses were always there but has made a recent comeback with difference. Designer Ravi Bhalotia reveals, “The fashion industry has seen a real attitude shift toward effortless and easy elegance coming into spring 2017, and nothing sums up this new mood like the wrap dress. Worn over bikini or with jeans, it is the most versatile lightweight staple you could ever wish for. This “Maxi Dress” not only fits the body well, but also into the lifestyle of the modern working woman. Wrap dresses have become a definitive fashion staple, and will continue to grace the runways for a long time to come. Although new deconstructed, asymmetric styles has been seen on the ramp.”

Designer Djey and Megha agree on this too. “Regarding making a comeback, they have been getting more favour as people are more ‘healthily body conscious’ and this dress fits every form of the female silhouette. You don’t have to think of a combination to group your outfit. Just throw on a wrap number and with minimal accessorizing they give you the best feel. Things have been pretty same for these dresses except for the fact that more jersey and flowy fabric has been favoured and digital prints are adorning them more.”

Past trends always make a comeback but with a slight twist, feel Designer Aditi Gupta. “This style was evolved in the 19th century by the French Aristocracy who wore these really long shawls and wraps gracefully and fashionably as it was eminently practical. The outfits in the recent fashion were very vibrant and quirky. So a comeback of wraps have been trending because it’s very practical to wear with a little formal appeal.”

On a different mode

Of course, one does feel that wrap dresses have become more elegant, easy, mood- lifting, versatile and light weight. Djey agrees. “They have changed their form and appearance to fit into the broader spectrum of the concept ‘simple yet elegant’. Whatever material or size, these just shape shifts into the wearer’s eclectic aura and perfectly tune in to the situation they are in. Easy to carry and to be in, they just become one’s best companion of their fashion wardrobe. The wrap dress is a perfect condiment to a great chic look with ease and to all fashion savvy women out there.”

Kareena Kapoor Khan looks lovely in a blush pink wrap dress

Aditi too feels they have become easy to wear with fabrics used in drapes mostly based on spandex making the easy to wear & manage and also become more formal. Bhalotia feels wrap dresses are preferred by older women but the last few years has seen the younger lot fall for it and make it available in more styles. “They are now easily available in all different materials, colours, and other details and give it a modern & younger feel.”

Personal favourites

Designers are known to keep their favourites. Aditi recalls, “During my travels to Paris, I saw a lot of history attached to wrap around and this was an inspiration for us to come up with wrap around gown sarees which can be worn like dresses too.”

Meanwhile, Bhalotia tells, “My personal favourite would be this wonderful Alexander Wang asymmetrical dress. It is perfect for office or an occasion wear, depending on how it is styled.”

Megha cannot stop thinking of Diane Von Furstenberg now iconic ‘wrap dress’ created in 1974. “Of course this is my very own inspiration and obsession which started my liking towards this specific form of dresses. This one is just not a faultless motivation but a great predecessor to all those imperial designs made in all tints and shades and experimented in an uncountable number of moulds. This is my secret guilty obsession.”

Choose wisely

Djey admits to the trend being a tricky one with one false move making you look like a fashion pariah. “Keep in mind what is best for your body type, the event, the material and stylizing the whole look to the point is the finest step taken when you decide to wear this great choice.

Bhalotia further explains, “Pay most attention to the bust area, because the torso needs to be kept into proportion in order to look flattering. A wrap dress that fits perfectly can do wonders for bustier women, as it may enhance the bust while making the waist look slimmer and the stomach flatter. Slimmer women who wish to wear wrap dresses should opt for those with less fabric on top.”

Aditi’s views are quite practical. “I feel wrap around dresses can camouflage a lot of difficult areas of the body and enhance your comforts. If the right fabrics are used with the perfect drapes, it can be an absolute show stopper.”

Meghan Markle in a blue wrap dress

Trends and more

You are now more interested in knowing the latest in wrap dresses and ways to accessorise them. Aditi starts by stating, “We have evolved a lot in wraps when it comes to drape sarees, matching wrap skirts with jackets, some wrap dresses which can be worn if various different ways. These wrap dress sarees with minimal embellishments can be worn with stunning Polki sets and silver jewellery. The same dress can be worn just with earrings for a formal dinner.”

Bhalotia feels for party-like situations, a glimmering sequined wrap dress of your choice would be great. “Ruffled trim adds a fun & feminine element, and it’s easy to dress down with a denim jacket and flats. Layering wise, throw on a leather jacket, to create an on-trend style clash. But for work or formal occasions, the blazer is a perfect fit paired with an elegant bag and sophisticated court shoes. The less dangly the earring, the more conservative it is. But for occasions, nice danglers can be worn. A simple pump always works with a wrap dress. Wedges are a more casual but look great with a wrap dress too. The more formal the workplace, the more structured the bag. A structured bag commands authority.”

According to Megha, it is your any occasion or time dress. “From being more lightweight to having more floral and geometric prints, the comeback of the jersey one to being imperial in velvet, from filled with cut-work to made of laces, with variation in the length of the sleeves to additional details of frills and ruffles etc, they have been given more life and individuality this time around. Always keep it simple, chic and elegant with a wrap dress. From a long/short chain necklace to simple neckpieces, a fine heeled simple pump for a formal/official cut or a chic look pair of wedges for a more casual laid back look, a controlled framed hand bag and a sheer panty hose for a more respected poise, a neutral colour for your hand and foot accessories, a splash of a bracelet on your wrist and finally a respectable cardigan over your shoulders, the look is nailed to the finest element. It’s to be noted that for a splash of colour, add a pop of flush to your handbags.”

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