Every face has a story

Some reveal what’s on their minds, others camouflage, writes Sumeet Naik.

We are never alone. There are people and people and more people around us. Right from birth till this date we have encountered so many individuals in our life. While we commute from our homes to work stations we come across so many faces, most of which we can’t possibly recollect. But then there are some that, despite seen just once, we can’t seem to forget!  Those faces flash in front of our eyes. Or at times we feel that we got yet another glimpse of the same person walking in the crowd or in train or in the bus. In reality, it happens to be just a figment of our imagination.

You don’t need to be a face reader to tell that the person sitting in front of you is tired, sad or happy. Look at the face and it shall tell you the story. An infant looking at your face and smiling while lying in a cradle too has a lot to convey. Who can forget one’s mother’s face, always glowing, when her children are in front of her eyes, irrespective of how grown up they are? So does the old woman sitting by herself in the veranda of her house in a village, waiting for her grand children to return home safe in the evening. Look at her face, you shall see a deep sense of concern and love for her near and dear ones.

Many a time, we find a person travelling along with us totally lost in his or her own world. For hours and hours the person keeps looking outside the window, not uttering a single word. Look at that person’s face, it is a reflection of the years gone by.

At times, a face can be deceptive of one’s personality. Have you noticed the images released by the security agencies of terrorists involved in major terror attacks? They sometimes appear so calm and composed that no one can say that this person is capable of even killing a rat, leave alone humans. Some know how to conceal their sorrows behind a broad smile; others shed crocodile tears to gain sympathy. Both kinds of people use their faces as their canvas to paint the picture of their life. No wonder someone has rightly said- “ It’s hard to face reality when reality has many faces.”

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