From left, Abu Baker (8), Zainab Shaikh (10) and Mohammad Faisal (12)
From left, Abu Baker (8), Zainab Shaikh (10) and Mohammad Faisal (12)

Indore: Excitement grips city as holy month of Ramzan is about to end and Eid will be celebrated with vigour. While everyone bought new clothes, perfume, ingredients for ‘sheer khurma’, henna and presents, children prepared surprise gifts for their elders and eagerly wait for their ‘eidi’. Eidi is a gift, generally money, given to children by elders as part of the celebration. Talking to Free Press, children shared their views about the festivities.


We get presents. We feast on delicious food prepared in our house. This year, we also want to make everyone smile as they make us smile. We are preparing to give surprise to our elders in form of entertainment and simple food items. We want to see them happy and surprised. We fasted for entire month of Ramzan.

We felt anxious and hungry in last few days but we managed. We feel stronger and more in control of our bodies by fasting. Another lesson we learned is that patience and starving end in feast. We may be going through a tough time but it ends in happiness and peace.


We wait for Eid every year. It is a day filled with presents, friends and fun. Our fun begins with Eid, because we shop, eat and travel after that. There is a different environment in our house during Ramzan. Everyone prays and talks softly. We wish the environment around the world becomes like this and stays the same.

We also pray during Ramzan and participate in special prayers on Eid. Praying helps us achieve our goals and become better human beings. This year, we are planning to do something special for our parents. We have prepared a small presentation that will make everyone smile.

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