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Eat salads to stay healthy


Dig into some scrumptious salad with these easy-to-make-at-home recipes

Salads are bounteous, fresh, colourful, crisp veggies and fruits blended together that are refreshing and unpretentious. You cannot ignore the fact that salads increase the consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits as well. Here are some amazing benefits of eating salads:

Boosts and sharpens your eyesight:  Unbelievable but true –  certain salads rich in carrots, peppers, or any leafy produce that is intensely green can actually help sharpen your eyesight.  This is because they contain large amounts vitamin A, carotenoids, lutein, and zeaxanthin. These are nutrients and phyto-chemicals that help both in light and dark eye adaptation and damage from high-energy light. All those engaged at staring at their computer monitors, all virtual gamers and Avid TV viewers will benefit if they increase the intake of Vit A rich veggies & fruits and protect their eyes.


Insoluble fiber:  Fiber from the skin and seeds of vegetables that cannot be digested by us provides bulk during the digestive process and prevents digestive problems such as constipation, diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis etc.

Increased Immune system:  Increased intake of colourful vegetables rich in anti-oxidants helps build and boot the immune system regularly.

Protects you from diseases:  High fiber not only reduces cardiac problems, Diabetes Mellitus, it also is protective against cancer, helps in reflux, ulcer etc.]


Lower your food cravings:  Eating a salad regularly slowly helps reduce cravings for many other fatty foods. Additionally eating a small salad before a meal will help prevent over-eating and promote weight loss .This is especially true when you add proteins like chicken , eggs nuts etc as they take a longer time for digestion.

It strengthens your muscles: Most salad vegetables especially spinach and other salad greens (lettuce, arugula, bok choy etc) have a compound called `nitrates’. This helps in production of proteins especially in the muscles making them stronger and more efficient. Looks like our age old classic Popeye had it right all along. Most vegetables also provide potassium which is required for better muscle health.

Jiffy and easy meals: Salads need no major culinary expertise. Instead, it is easy and quick to prepare especially when you have no time but want to eat healthy. Just assemble whatever you can lay your hands on add some flavorful herbs and seasoning and Viola your meal is ready.


Soluble fiber slows the rate of absorption of sugar into the blood-stream & reduces the collection of bad cholesterol in the blood, the 2 main maladies of DIABETES and CARDIAC PROBLEM in today’s world.

Aids good sleep: Lack of sleep due to stress is yet another major challenge today in this hard paced life.  Greens especially Lettuce contains a sleep inducing substance called ‘lectucarium’   a compound which has been used to treat cases of insomnia.

Helps in weight management: Salads help in initializing weight loss and enable better weight management. It makes a person slimmer but toned as it gives all the nutrients required for you minus the extra calories.

Recipes provided by

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Chicken ‘N’ Apple Cold Cut Salad

(426 kcal)


For salad:

80 gm Chicken frankfurters (grilled)

30 gm Chicken ham (grilled)

Roasted vegetables:

30 gm diced leek

20 gm diced celery

40 gm diced carrot

5 gm whole garlic skin out

10 gm onion dices

1 gm fresh rosemary

1 gm Salt

1 Pepper

3 gm Oil

1 gm bay leaf

30 gm button mushrooms

Other ingredients:  

50 gm thick sliced apple

2 gm black olive sliced

20 gm mix lettuce

20 gm blanched broccoli florets

10 beans cut into diamonds

1 gm Salt

1 gm Pepper

For honey mustard vinaigrette dressing

10 ml honey

5 gm Dijon mustard

10 gm whole grain mustard

25 gm Veeba vinaigrette

1 gm Salt


Take a tray. Add onion, carrot, leek, celery and garlic. Add oil salt pepper and finally fresh rosemary. Oven roast for 5 min at 180 ° c. Take out bay leaf and garlic. Mince the roasted garlic and mix it with the other roasted vegetables. Let it cool down. On a hot plate/griller grill the sausage and chicken ham. Cut the chicken ham into strips. Cut the sausage into 4cm thickness. Keep it separate. Finally mix all ingredients with broccoli, mix lettuce, blanched beans and adjust seasoning add olive oil.

Dressing: Take a mixy jar add honey, Dijon mustard, whole grain mustard and Veeba vinaigrette. Blend it to make a dressing.


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Maple Pumpkin Salad

(451 kcal)


90 gm red pumpkin dices

100 gm boiled farfalle

20 gm carrot dices

20 gm broccoli florets

30 gm spinach

20 gm haricot beans

2 gm black olives

2 gm Feta cheese

30 gm basil pesto

10 gm maple syrup

10 gm chopped onion

2 gm chopped garlic

1 gm chopped thyme

1 gm chilli flakes

Salt as per taste

1 gm crushed black pepper

1 gm oregano dry

5 gm olive oil

5 gm butter

2 gm balsamic vinegar


Marinate pumpkin dices with maple syrup, chopped thyme, oil, butter, chopped garlic and salt. Put it in the oven at 150°c. Roast it slowly till the pumpkin is cooked through and has nice roasted colour. Blanch all vegetables and keep aside. Heat oil in pan add chopped onion and garlic sauté for two minutes. To this add blanched vegetables toss it drizzle balsamic vinegar and remove. To mix salad take pasta, tossed vegetables and basil pesto in a bowl. Add salt, pepper herbs and chilli flakes mix nicely. Garnish with feta cheese and sliced black olives.


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Tex-Mex Caesar Chicken Salad

(285 kcal)


For roast chicken:

200 gm chicken breast (boneless)

2 gm chopped garlic

5 gm lemon juice

2 gm dijon mustard

1 gm chopped fresh thyme

1 chopped parsley

2 gm Salt

1 crushed black pepper

5 gm Oil

Salad assembly (1 portion):

90 gm Roast chicken slices

40 gm Bell peppers (triangle cut)

20 gm roasted corn

50 gm zucchini (triangle cut)

10 gm cherry tomato halves

20 gm grilled onion slices

5 gm sliced olives

5 gm chopped jalapeno

3 gm chopped cilantro

2 gm lemon juice

40 gm assorted lettuce

2 gm salt

1 gm crushed black pepper

1 gm dry oregano

30 gm caesar’s dressing

2 gm grated parmesan cheese

  • gm refined oil


Marinate chicken breast with given ingredients. Cut 1 minute each side on a medium hot grill. Finish it in the oven at 180c. Check doneness and remove. Slice it and keep. Pan toss bell pepper and zucchini. Season with salt and pepper. To assemble salad, take all the vegetables in a bowl. add lemon juice, salt, pepper, chopped chilli, herbs and toss with Caesar’s dressing. Spread lettuce in the base of the salad container, put tossed vegetables, arrange chicken slices. Garnish with olive and grated parmesan cheese.


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