‘Dream to see Indore with proper cycling infrastructure’

FPJ Bureau | Updated on: Friday, May 31, 2019, 03:25 PM IST


Indore :  Cycling is environment friendly mode of transport, which reduces pollution levels and creates a healthier society. As the educated population is increasing in Indore, cycling culture is growing as well.

“Indore is a beautiful city, and I love cycling here,” cyclist Bhuvaneshwar Sharma, research engineer said. He cycles to work for doing his bit for environment and peddles leisurely around in the city on weekends. “We have beautiful sights here, which can compete with scenic views of hill stations and weekend gateways,” he said.

However, Sharma feels that some basic facilities like cycle stands and cycling tracks would add to the attractions in the city. “Cycling tracks need to be constructed properly, which merge in normal lanes smoothly,” he said.


Sharma added that cycle lanes which have partly been constructed on BRTS are not well connected. “Cycle lanes should be designed in such a way that cyclists do not have to break cycling to switch lanes,” he quoted.

Talking about cycle stands, Sharma said, “Considering the growing cycling culture, stands are must for providing parking facilities.” Elaborating on cycle stands, he quoted that key hole system must be installed in cycle stands for safety.  “Key hole system is a locking system that gives a unique lock code to cyclists ensuring safety of his cycle,” he explained.

Sharma has been an active environmentalist and cyclist since last two years. He feels that cycling is the best way to reduce pollution and explore natural pastures.


Good Practices – Chicago’s cycling infrastructure

Chicago Lakefront Trail is 18 miles (29 km) biking lane along the coast of lake Michigan in Chicago, Illinois. The path connects various beaches and recreational amenities located along the lakefront and also serve as a route for bicycle commuters. Public buses in Chicago have provision for parking cycles in the bus for bikers.

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