Dialogue with Guru

The Marma of Dharma and Karma

  • The following story depicts the power of spirit and intention associated with actions:

There was some construction work going on in an area. Every labour was performing different kinds of work. A certain gentleman was passing by the construction site. “What are you doing?” asked the gentleman to the one of the labour. “Can’t you see I am breaking stones and also piercing my destiny,” retorted the labour in anger. The gentleman then moved on with the same question to the second labour. “What are you doing?” “A statue is to be constructed here, I am working on the same, and with the money that I earn, I shall feed my family,” the labour answered in an indifferent tone.

The gentleman moved on to the third labour and again put the same question to him. “A statue of some great personality is to be installed here, I consider myself very fortunate and thankful to God for giving me this oppurtunity. I feel very proud of my work beacause people from various parts of the world will come here to see this statue and thus will derive motivation from the character of this great personality for many deceased to come,” the third labour replied in a very cheerful and positive tone to the gentleman.

  • All the three labours did the same kind of work, but each had different outlook and spirit regarding their work. The first labour was sad with his work, the second was indifferent, but the third labour derived happiness from his work. In fact, the same work led the third labour to become a great personality, while the remaining two, after spending their lives in misery, sorrow and povery, finally died. Friends, it is said that a beautiful statue of this hardworking, visionary and persevarent third labour was installed nearby to the existing statue of that great personality. Most probably the third labour must have attained salvation after death. He definitely registered his name in the annals of the history.
  • If we choose a work of our liking, then we will not have to work for the entire life, because we would then be fulfilling our liking and not working at all.
  • Devote yourself so much to your karma that it becomes Yoga, and it becomes the real worship of that most adorable and unique supreme personality. We must always remember- our action will not become niskama (unattached from aspiration) simply by wishing for it. Then how can it become niskama? I will tell you, listen! when we try to perform our action with full honesty and derive happiness by completely devoting ourself in this process, then our actions automatically become free from all kinds of aspirations and desires, we become unattached from its fruits and achieve the state of As long as we run away from our duties, and engage ourselves merely in some idol worship, dhyana-sadhana (meditation) or japa-tapa (recitation of mantras), we can’t realise Yoga. Hence, we should devote ourselves to actions, it will surely bring transformation in our lives.
  • The inner inspiration bestowed by the guru, scriptures, experiences, prakrti (the external nature) and God are the five main sources of acquiring jhana (wisdom). Wisdom shall never be disrespected, it means the true meaning of dharma is to live according to the motivations received from these five sources. It is the basis and the means to achieve all kinds of happiness, peace, prosperity and salvation; ajnana (ignorance) is the doorway to every disease, segregation, loss, sorrow of disrespect, distress and poverty and even responsible for every kind of bondages.
  • The performance of actions with knowledge and devotion brings about all kinds of accomplishments and the achievement of divine life. We receive infinite results for our actions. Achieving the ultimate state of wisdom, devotion and action and attaining similitude with them is called Yoga or To follow the directions and ideals of our rsis is the aim of our life.
  • Whenever a person does any work in a fully self-awakened state, be -that even ploughing a field; it become his worship because without developing awareness, work cannot become worship. Remaining continuously wakeful for 24 hours is considered as complete awakening, Paramatma then descends in to that sadhaka (Yoga practitioner), but one should begin by doing regular works of the daily life.
  • Actions speak louder than words. Hence, we should always be ready to absorb the divine values of our culture by believing more in actions and conduct rather than giving sermons to others.
  • A man attains greatness not due to his birth, but due to his actions. Birth is pre-determined by destiny, death is a matter of time, but it is only the actions that secure a place in the heart of other persons, even after death.
  • It is true that we cannot live without performing actions even for a moment, we keep on doing something or the other every moment. But, I wish to put a question to you as well as myself- Are we performing our actions with all our potentiality, competency, interest and with complete devotion to God? If the answer to this question is yes, then our work will benefit and uplift us in every perspective, if the answer is no, then I suggest that we need to amend our working methodology or we may be even need to change the work itself. Do remember! We are God’s supermost creation. We have immense possibilities within us. Hence, we are not expected to merely become only a writer, orator, poet, trainer or any officer, but the creator expects us to unravel the numerous mysteries of this creation and to reach the pinnacle of human consciousness. We are expected to substantiate human-dignity, we are expected to establish such high standards of moral values that will enable us to be remembered by all the people of every era as an epitome of idealism with immense devotion and respect.

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