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Dialogue with Guru

  • God shows his kindness equally to every person, but in different ways. The only difference is that some are seen to be winning while some are seen losing, some are seen smiling and some are seen crying.
  • A strong desire to fulfill the actions, accumulating the requisite materials for completion of work, knowledge of the correct method of using the materials for easily, quickly and beautifully executing work; happily accepting the hindrances, pains, deficiencies, oppositions and adversities coming in the way of performance of duties; never becoming upset, dejected and broken-hearted; praying to God for knowledge, strength, courage, enthusiasm and valour in order to accomplish the chosen work — all these are the ways to achieve success in actions.
  • No matter how much ever affluence, wealth, beauty, power, knowledge, position, respect from society, fame and accomplishment a man might possess, but if there is no happiness, peace, satisfaction, fulfilment, bravery and independence in his life, is said to be unsuccessful.
  • Texts which were written at the beginning of the creation; which do not contain unscientific subjects; which do not include the history of human-beings; which do not have conflicting opinions; which does not describe blindly followed, ignorant and unauthentic matter; which includes description of all the topics meant for the greatest upliftment of human-beings; which does not describe principles opposing the obvious rules of the creation; which include all those characteristics of God that He has or should have; which include unbiased common provisions, rules and regulations for all the human beings; which are not meant for any particular human-being, caste creed, sect or category of any particular country or region, but are omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent and are not written in any man-made language; all these prove them to be divine text.
  • Persons having the virtues of happiness, peace, satisfaction, fulfilment, bravery and independence in their lives are called successful. They might have meagre wealth, property, good-looks, power, knowledge, fame, respect from society, prestige and popularity, yet, they will be regarded as successful.
  • An ideal daily routine is to rise early, going for a walk, exercising, bathing, performing yajna, contemplation on God, study of holy books, practising truth, a behaviour that consists of unattachment and without animosity, not desirous of usurping the wealth and rights of others; benevolence, sacrifice for the upliftment of the society and the nation, the spirit of service and sacrifice; resolute determination to perform righteous actions and to abandon unrighteous actions; pure vegetarian, adorable behaviour, self-examination; the company of great personalities and the learned; lead a life of self control, sacrifice and austerity and inculcating other such virtues enables a person to achieve maximum happiness and success in life.
  • When the citizens of every country and the world shall believe only in one God, their language, religion constitution, education, conduct, though, judicial and political system, become one- this is said to be the true progress of every country and the whole world.
  • When every person has the same objective, when the tools for the achievement of this objective are same and when the principle or techniques employed to progress in this path are same; only then can unity among the nations of the world is possible.
  • Self-introspection or self-study is the spiritual way of quickly and easily acquiring the materialistic prosperity in life. In order to remove the shortcomings of life, speech and conduct and to progress in life, one should adopt the technique of closing the eyes at night daily and patiently self-introspect the entire events of the day. One must try to understand the answers to these questions: What are the drawbacks of my life? What are my defects and what duties should I have had performed, but failed? To which task did I dedicate time more than required? Which tasks did I allot lesser time than required? Which work was more important that I gave less priority to?; Which actions were not so important but I gave them more priority? Know the answers to such questions, identify the shortcoming and consider them as hindrances in the growth of life, thereafter adopt a resolute to overcome these shortcoming and not to repeat these in future. Along with it, be careful of your conduct in mind, speech and body. Always pray to God for inner strength, knowledge, science, patience, tolerance, etc. Following the above mentioned stratagem will automatically and quickly make the living of a man great and ideal to be emulated by others.
  • All beings take re-birth. The fact that newborn babies of human beings and other mammals drink mother’s milk; the expressions of joy, fear and pain even on the face of in fants of 4-6 months lying cosily in their mothers’ lap with their eyes shut;- having observed this and the various upper and lower strata of organisms in the world, apart from the difference in mental calibre of children proves that rebirth does take place.
  • A man takes rebirth immediately (in a short period of time) after death. He is reborn as a human being after his death if he had performed at least 50 percent or more of noble actions in his previous life; or else, in case when his evil actions are predominant, then, he is reborn in the lower descent of life like an animal, bird or an insect, cretins.
  • The lifespan of human-beings is not certain. It can be increased or decreased. It can be increased by the following methods- taking satvika bhojana (pure vegetarian diet), regular daily-routine, practice of celibacy, sound sleep, Yoga-pranayama, exercises, learning and teaching of good books, the company of noble people, friendship with the knowledgeable and great personalities, devotion and belief in God, attentiveness, alertness, peace, happiness, patience, compassion and forgiveness etc. proper conduct of all these virtues will definitely increase the lifespan of a person.

(Excerpted from the book Divine Transformation: Building Blocks for Enlightened Life, Ideal Nation & Peaceful World by Acharya Balakrishna)

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