Creating stories & finding Khoya Kal with fun & cycling

Indore: Taking people back to the old simple world of freedom and free transactions, DS Events in partnership with The Free Press Journal presented a series of acts and events. Helping people de-stress from their life and laugh out at a comic-satire play, ‘CREATE Stories Khoya Kal’ was presented at Mars Café from 11 am to 2 pm. The play brought alive the magic of simple living.

Keeping alive love for cycling, ‘Create Stories Riding Life’ kick-started the event at 6 am. Taking a step to control rising of earth’s overall temperature, participants promoted cycling to work and sending out a message on the need of proper infrastructure.

The ride from Press Complex to City Zoo and back energised everyone including students and professional cyclists. More than 50 cyclists participated in the ride and inspired people to opt for cycling over other motorised transports to control air pollution. Following the ride, the second part of the event was organised at Mars Café from 11 am to 2 pm.

Comic-Satire act on technology and empowered women

Bringing out various realities that prevail in the society, ‘CREATE Stories Khoya Kal’ a drama based on life of a single working woman in the world of technology was premiered. Beginning with young generation, the play brought out the side of ‘fake relationships’ that blossom with the help of chatting applications. Adding humour streaks to the scene, standard chatting contractions like LOL were explained with a twist. While LOL stands for Laugh Out Loud was turned into ‘Lots Of Lovers’.

Further, bringing out the pain and struggle of a single working woman with two children, humouredly set relationships were displayed. Quoting the ‘un-smarting’ effects of technology on people’s knowledge, the play was a blend of satire and comedy. Directing various issues into a short compilation with appropriate expressions, director Deepak Sharma managed to improvise and bring out various angles of the story. Considering the use of Hindi and English in the city, writer Girish Bhalerao had penned down the story keeping in mind audience of different groups. Playing the character of son in the family, Arjun Chourasia showed promises as a natural actor. Plating single woman, Shweta Vaidya justified her character.
Adding comedy streak to the play as daughter in the family, Sona Kshyatriya aptly displayed the prevailing ‘selfie mania’ as selfie queen. As the head of the family (grandmother), Preeti Maheshwari brought the act together with her comic and wise character. Managing the stage space and adding a message to promote cycling, the play aptly concluded.

Childhood is the healing light of life

Expressing her thoughts in musical rhythm, management student Pooja Rajani recited self-composed poetry. Her positivity inspired people to take another look at their life and feel blessed. Sharing her inspiration, Pooja said, “The one skill that has been with me since childhood is poetry.”

Boosting metabolic rate and toning muscles

Kicking off their stress and burning the extra fat, people from various age-groups loosened their muscles with fun dance workout of Zumba. Teaching latest hip dance steps, zin Aarti Maheshwari guided people into moulding their steps to boost metabolic rate.

Sharing the idea of practising Zumba, Aarti said, “Dance helps in toning muscles and strengthening body over time.” She elaborated that properly sequenced dance that boosts metabolic rate while targeting muscles that need toning.
“Most steps in these dances target lower body, while strengthening upper body with regular movement,” Aarti added.

Cycling controls pollution

Peddling their way through AB road at 6 am, students and enthusiastic cyclists inspired people to join the fun of cycling in ‘Create Stories Riding Life’. Covering total distance of around nine kilometres in the round trip from Press Complex to City Zoo, students felt happy.

Talking about his love for cycling, student Shashank Jain said, “I love cycling, but sadly due to traffic and danger on roads, I rarely get to peddle around in the day.” He added that cycling makes him feel energetic, swift and powerful. Sharing his love for cycling, student Paarth Singh said, “It is always fun to be out in the fresh with environment, especially when we are supporting it and not destroying it by pumping up harmful gases in the air.” He feels that government should work on providing facilities for cyclists and promoting cycling as the preferred mode of transport.

What They Say…

“Such events are helpful in refreshing students. As students can present their skill and have fun as well, their skills improvise and confidence boosts. I feel there should be more such opportunities for students.”
Ashutosh Kaushik, Founder of Elan education

“I attended the event for first time and it was awesome. Everyone had the chance to showcase their talent as well as simply have fun. Playing ‘godha badam chai’ made me feel like a kid again.”
Gaurav Jain, Founder of Bookmycolleges

“Most people do not understand the correct meaning of fitness. A slim person is not necessarily fit. There is a certain level of strength combined with apt body structure that makes fitness. It was nice to be able to bring awareness about the same.”
Ashish Jaiswal, Founder of Prosanatus

“I am happy that many more people were able to bring out their talent and spend some hours simply being happy. It was de-stressing and inspiring to play games. Poetries were heart-touching. Compliments about the drama encouraged us to promote this art culture in the city.”
Deepak Sharma, Organiser

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