New Delhi : The Congress on Monday slammed an “insipid” Modi Government sleeping over the ravaging floods that have killed no less than 300 and marooned over one crore.

Rajya Sabha Opposition leader Ghulam Nabi Azad told a press conference here that a human strategy of gigantic proportions has hit from east to west India and yet the government “makes only perfunctory voices, conducts aerial surveys and provides little relief.”

He released the details of the dance of death in at least eight states hit by waves of floods, Gujarat topping the tally of 128 dead, followed by 82 killed in two rounds of floods in June and July, 34 in West Bengal, 18 in Odisha, 16 in Rajasthan, six in West Bengal, four in Himachal and eight in Jharkhand.

In a written statement, Azad said: “Congress Party once again calls upon Modi government to wake up from its slumber and petty politicking to come to the aid of flood ravaged people.”

The first wave of floods hit Assam on June 4 and the second in the second week of July, but the Prime Minister did not care to visit the state or rest of the north-eastern states ravaged by the floods, Azad said.

He said paltry Rs 500 crore given for disaster relief to Assam does not match the damage caused by the floods that left over 2.08 lakh hectares affected, leaving large tracks uncultivable, 200 schools left unfit for classes, over 1.40 lakh people displace and widespread outbreak of diseases.

In Gujarat, he said as many as 200 villages are still without electricity and thousands still wait to be rescued even after 80,000 evacuated, 945 roads, including five national highways and 31 state highways, not motorable.

He said relief of the paltry Rs 500 crore given to Gujarat is insipid and insufficient and nothing more than a gimmick as “they are more interested in hijacking Congress MLAs than providing flood relief.”

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