City successfully transports organs through Green Corridor

Heart and liver of 34-year-old Gaurav Jain were transported to the airport through Green Corridor, while kidneys were transplanted to two patients in city hospitals.

Indore : For saving several lives, another green corridor was created in the city to transport the vital organs of 34-year-old Gaurav Jain, on Thursday.

His heart and liver were successfully transported to New Delhi through a ‘Green Corridor’ prepared for the eighth time, third in the month, in the city, while kidneys were transplanted into two patients in the city hospitals. Officials of Indore Organ Donation Society claimed that it is a record that organs of three patients were airlifted in five days from the same city.

“The first corridor was created for a stretch of 19-km from CHL Hospital to the city airport to transport heart and liver to AIIMS, New Delhi and Institute of Liver and Biliary Science, respectively, through the same flight. Another corridor was created for a stretch of more than 2 km from CHL to Bombay Hospital to transport kidney to a patient,” Secretary of Indore Organ Donation Society, Dr Sanjay Dixit said.

He further said that the ambulance reached the airport in 18 minutes while the ambulance carrying the kidney reached Bombay Hospital in just three minutes. Preparations for the Green Corridor started from Wednesday evening and it was successful when the first ambulance left the hospital at 7.16 am and later the doctors left the hospital, escorted by a police van, at 7.48 am.

Organs transplanted

Heart was successfully transplanted into a 52-year-old woman in AIIMS, New Delhi, while liver was transplanted into a 52-year-old man in ILBS, New Delhi. The kidneys were transplanted into a 35-year-old female in CHL Hospital and a 41-year-old male in Bombay Hospital.

Mother took the brave decision

Decision of donating the organs was taken by Gaurav’s mother Prabha Devi with a wish to keep her son alive even after death. Her decision was supported by other family members and her younger son Lalit also pledged to donate his organs.

Green Corridors at a glance

n March 7: Heart and liver of 20-year-old labourer Pappu Dawar, resident of Dhar district were transported to New Delhi, while kidneys were transplanted to two patients in the city.

n March 6: Heart of 21-year-old Durgesh was transported to Mumbai, while his liver was airlifted to Delhi.

n Feb 9: Two green corridors were created to transport liver and kidneys of a brain dead patient Vishwas, resident of Mehidpur. His liver was sent to a hospital in New Delhi while kidneys were used for patients in local hospitals. His heart could not be utilized as he was a heart patient

n Jan 22: Liver of 12-year-old Darshan was sent to New Delhi, while his kidneys were transplanted to patients in city hospital. Darshan died in a road mishap.

n Jan 3: Heart of 20-year-old Sonia of Malviya Nagar was airlifted to Mumbai. Liver was sent to New Delhi for a 48-year-old man. Skin and eyes were harvested by MK International and Choithram Hospital for transplantations.

n November 8: Liver of 59-year-old Ramesh Asarani was transported to Medanta Hospital, Gurgaon. He was declared brain dead due to brain hemorrhage.

n October 7: Liver of Rameshwar Khede, resident of Khargone, was sent to Medanta. His skin and cornea were harvested by Choithram Hospital.

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