Mumbai: A minor good news for middle-class does not appeal Mumbaikars. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s budget brought reduced petrol prices by reducing basic excise duty on branded and unbranded petrol as well as diesel. However, city customers feel the reduction in petrol price is not authentic since other factors will also affect the fuel prices.

“The price fall is a hoax. Even as they reduced excise duty, there will be no change in the price of petrol and diesel. There will be transportation cess that will be added to the price, which will ultimately mean no price change,” said Yash Valia, a taxation student.

Unbranded Petrol which attracted excise of Rs. 6.48 per litre has been reduced to Rs. 4.48 per litre. Branded petrol has basic excise duty of Rs. 7.66 per litre which has been slashed to Rs. 5.66 per litre. Unbranded diesel having basic excise duty of Rs. 8.33 per litre was reduced to Rs. 6.33 per litre. Basic excise duty on branded diesel was also reduced from Rs. 10.69 per litre to Rs. 8.69 per litre.

Another customer welcomed the decision. “We have nothing in our hands whether it is rising or reducing. So we might as well enjoy the tender mercies that are showered upon us,” said Priyank Sanghavi, a Borivali resident. Petrol prices hit a new high when average rates in Mumbai when it recorded Rs 80/litre last week. Price of diesel per litre in the city was also as steep as Rs 68.17/litre.

A worker at Churchgate petrol pump said it is a positive move by the government and common people would be happy with the move. “Petrol prices in Mumbai is one of the most expensive in the country. Any relief would be celebrated by Mumbaikars,” he said.

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