New Delhi : The Bharatiya Janata Party on Saturday lambasted Rahul Gandhi for abusing PM Modi, with Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad asking him not to play with the country’s future. Asserting at a press conference at the BJP headquarters that Modi was “a symbol of honesty,” Prasad accused Congress of corruption in the Rafale deal during the UPA government. “Congress tried to renegotiate the deal in 2012 for kickbacks,” he claimed.

He derided Rahul”s remarks earlier in the day in the Rafale tussle, saying “never before in the history of independent India, has a party president used such words like thief for a PM.” He went on to add that “we can’t expect anything else from Rahul Gandhi who has no quality or ability, but heads the party just due to his family.”

Ruling out a joint parliamentary committee (JPC) probe as it cannot be done just to satisfy the ego of an “ill-informed leader,” Prasad accused Rahul of “playing into the hands of Pakistan and China” by repeatedly seeking the details of Rafale fighter jets.”

“We need weapons, missiles, defence machinery on it. We need to fit the aircraft with bombs. So we are not irresponsible like Rahul Gandhi to disclose exact details,” he said.

He asserted that Reliance Industries and Dassault, manufacturers of Rafale jet, had entered into agreement as early as in 2012 even before BJP came to power and so Rahul is “irresponsible” in charging the PM with getting the offset contract to Ambani.

Prasad said BJP will henceforth expose Rahul’s lies, pointing out that he and his mother are already out on bail for a very big fraud done on the National Herald newspaper founded by none else but Jawaharlal Nehru.

The offset contracts to service the weapons acquired from abroad is not a NDA government’s discovery as it had been conceived by the UPA government and not only Ambani but many other Indian companies have begged the defence contracts, he asserted.

He said the Congress has forgotten corruption in Bofors, 2G and 3G and now its president has the audacity to question the PM .

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