BJP cannot travel in time to rewrite history: Former Vice President Hamid Ansari

New Delhi: In a jibe at the present regime for trying to appropriate historical figures, former Vice President Hamid Ansari on Sunday said that a “new set of inventors” were trying to make a time machine, so that they can go back in time and change history.

However, Ansari stressed that could not be done because efforts to change history elsewhere have not succeeded. “Years ago, a book called ‘The Time Machine’ was written by H.G. Wells. The idea behind the book was that there would be a form of technology by which you could go back to visit what has happened in the past. The book was a great success,” Ansari said in his remarks at the release of book “Jawaharlal Nehru: An Illustrated Biography” compiled by A. Gopanna.

“But today I notice another set of inventors — not writers, but inventors — who are trying to create a time machine by which you can go back in history and rewrite it,” Ansari said at an event here that was attended by former President Pranab Mukherjee and former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, among others.  “Now, such an effort is not going to succeed. History is history. You can draw lessons from it, you can draw inspiration from it or you may simply read it. But history cannot be changed. And the efforts that are being made — perhaps similar efforts have been made elsewhere also — they have all failed,” he said.

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