Bizarre! Bengaluru couple seeks to perform son’s surgery after watching YouTube video

Recently, a couple entered a Bengaluru hospital demanding to perform surgery on their son who required delicate surgical procedure. According to the officials, the couple demanded this after allegedly watching an online video, “They brought their son in and said that they didn’t want us to do anything but provide the set-up. They said they’d seen an instructional video and that they wanted to undertake the procedure themselves along with a nurse,” said a doctor, who oversaw the patient to The News Minute.

The couple allegedly argued with the hospital staff stating that they would charge ‘unnecessary things’ and that they didn’t want to pay such costs. Instead, they said they only required a nurse and all the equipment so that they could perform the surgery. Despite of the couple bizarre request, the hospital refused, the couple then took their son elsewhere, against the advice of doctors. “The procedure wasn’t life-threatening per se, but it was definitely something that required attention,” added the doctor.

Recently, in July, a woman died in childbirth after she forced her husband to allegedly perform delivery at home after watching YouTube videos. According to The News Minute, the couple used to watch several home birth videos online. “People really need to understand that doctors are trained to take up these operations. We know of the possible complications that can arise for a particular individual and what needs to be done in case of any such emergencies,” states Dr Swathi S, a general physician from Chennai.

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