Bigg Boss 11: Team Vikas Gupta wins luxury budget task, Bigg Boss sends Diwali sweet for housemates; Day 17 updates

Salman Khan’s reality show, Bigg Boss season 11 has been entertaining viewers for two weeks. However, on day seventeenth, the contestants were seen in active mode while doing the luxury budget task.

Thus, let’s see what happened on Day 17’s luxury budget task in the Bigg Boss 11 house.

  • Day 17 starts with Vikas Gupta entering the jail while newly-appointed captain Puneesh Sharma orders everyone to give only three meals to him.
  • Later, Vikas plays a mind game and tells Luv Tyagi to perform well in the task. He tells him that he wants to see him safe and wants Puneesh to be out of the Bigg Boss 11 house.
  • Then, Shilpa Shinde offers tea to Vikas. Later, Vikas calls Shilpa near to him and gives kiss on her cheek for giving him a tea. Moreover, he calls Puneesh and apologises to him.
  • However, in the bedroom, Luv becomes furious and asks everyone who voted against him.
  • Later, Puneesh and Luv get into the huge fight. Meanwhile, Luv also gets into a heated argument with Akash Dadlani.
  • However, in the jail, Vikas feels happy for instigating Luv. Later, Vikas targets Puneesh’s closest person, Bandgi Kalra. Vikas makes Bandgi understand that Puneesh Sharma is a married man and asks her to maintain some distance from him for her betterment.
  • He tells Bandgi that her family will not be happy after seeing her closeness with a married man. Moreover, he also tries to make her realise that he is also about to get divorced.
  • About game plan, Vikas tells Mehjabi that he has collected all the deadly insects for the task and tells her to use them in the task.
  • Bigg Boss announces to start the task in which Hina of Vikas team will be the leader of the gang in absense of Vikas. Hina makes her strategy clear to her every teammate.
  • In the task, Jyoti Kumari and Shilpa Shinde lift their chin quickly. However, Arshi Khan quits the task while Bandgi Kalra follows suit. Later, Akash Dadlani too lifts his chin in less than 10 seconds. However, Puneesh still stands strong till 20 minutes. But due to constant attack, he too lifts his chin up.
  • After the task’s completion, all contestants jump into pool except Arshi. Interestingly, they all call her ‘Fattu’.
  • Later, Bandgi Kalra tells Puneesh Sharma about Vikas Gupta’s suggestion to her. However, perplexed Puneesh Sharma clarifies that he is getting a divorce in December and he doesn’t have a child.
  • Then, Big Boss announces that Vikas Gupta’s team are winners of the task. But when, Bigg Boss asks gharwale to name to worst performers, all name Arshi and Jyoti. Later, for being the worst performers, Jyoti and Arshi join Vikas in the jail.
  • Surprisingly, Bigg Boss sends a sweet gift to gharwale as they send sweets to the contestants. However, Vikas, Arshi and Jyoti break the jail and get sweets with them.
  • But for this childish act, Hina Khan and other contestants get angry at them. Hina asks whose idea was it. However, Arshi and Jyoti start laughing about it.
  • Later, Vikas Gupta feels ashamed of his actions and asks Sapna Chaudhary to inform everyone that it was his mistake. Jyoti Kumari asks Arshi Khan why does Vikas Gupta starts crying so quickly. Then, Vikas Gupta tells Jyoti Kumari to shut her mouth as he is missing his family.

Watch Bigg Boss 11 at 10:30 pm on weekdays on Colors. Stay tuned for more updates.

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