Bigg Boss 11: Shilpa Shinde argues with Akash Dadlani for kissing Arshi Khan on her lips; Day 72 action

Salman Khan’s reality show, Bigg Boss Season 11, has now started taking the exam of housemates’ patience and emotions. On day 72, contestants were seen turning into Robot for the luxury budget task.

Thus, let’s see what happened on day 72 in the Bigg Boss 11 house:

  • Day 72 starts with Akash Dadlani touching Shilpa Shinde’s feet while dancing on the alarm song. He further says that he gave Shilpa a tag of a mother because of her caring nature.
  • Akash also apologises to Shilpa. However, Shilpa says that it was her fault that she should have stopped him earlier.
  • Later, Akash gives a kiss on Arshi Khan’s face.
  • After that, Bigg Boss announces a luxury budget task in which Hina Khan, Hiten Tejwani, Priyank Sharma and Akash are the robots. Puneesh Sharma will monitor the task and he is the scientist in the task. On the other hand, Vikas Gupta, Shilpa, Arshi and Luv Tyagi will play the role of workers. In the task, workers have to emote robots.
  • After the announcement, Vikas starts making strategy with Shilpa and Arshi. However, Hina tells Luv to play individually without getting involved in Vikas’s strategy.
  • Shilpa says that Hina is a good actor. Shilpa adds that Hina can control her emotions but to prove that she is emotional, she may cry during the task.
  • Meanwhile, Akash asks everyone about involvement in Vikas’ strategy.
  • As the task starts, Puneesh asks workers to bring out the anger of robots.
  • Vikas’s chooses Akash and points out that he doesn’t respect his family. After Akash, he takes a dig at Hina by calling her most negative person in the house. Later, he comes to Priyank and says he makes a relationship in every show.
  • Later, Vikas asks Luv to take his side to make Priyank angry by talking about ‘D’. However, a true friend, Luv says he is not going to talk bad about Hina and Priyank.
  • In the kitchen area, Shilpa talks about Hina to Arshi. Arshi and Shilpa discuss how they can make Hina cry. In the discussion, Shilpa suggests talking about “Ro”(Rocky) to make Hina cry.
  • Later, Arshi and Shilpa go to Priyank to bring out his emotions.
  • On the next emotion crying, Shilpa suggests talking about “Ro”(Rocky) to make Hina cry.
  • Then, Puneesh gives point to Hina and Priyank, 1 and 2 respectively.
  • On the next emotion laughter, Luv comes out after wearing wig to make everyone laugh. Moreover, Arshi comes out by being a pregnant lady and asks Hiten to look. Meanwhile, Shilpa asks Hiten to recognise the face of the baby.
  • On this line, Hiten laughs and later, Luv puts oranges on his breast.
  • Interestingly, everyone laughs after seeing Luv’s avatar.
  • On the next emotion anger, Vikas targets Akash and says Akash lies that he helped Meet Brothers in their song.
  • After task gets over, Akash tells Vikas that he is going to torture him badly.
  • Later, Shilpa gets into an argument with Akash and says that you kissed Arshi twice on her lips. Akash says Shilpa is nobody to stop him. If Arshi has some problem, then she’ll stop him.
  • Then, Akash tells Vikas that he did wrong by using his family during the task.
  • Vikas apologises to Akash and says it was just the task. However, Akash gets frustrated and says he earned everything on his own without taking help from anyone.

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