Bigg Boss 11: Shilpa Shinde and Bandgi Kalra take brutal revenge on Akash Dadlani; Day 59 revenge drama

Salman Khan’s reality show, Bigg Boss season 11, seems to be turning into the revenge drama. After all, on day 59, one team took brutally takes revenge from another team.

Thus, let’s see what happened in the luxury budget task of day 59 in the Bigg Boss 11 house:

  • Day 59 starts with Hina Khan, Luv Tyagi and Akash Dadlani making of Hiten Tejwani’s waxed legs. Meanwhile, Puneesh Sharma says Hiten is disappointed with his waxed legs.
  • Later, Hina asks Luv to hide all the trimmers.
  • Then, Vikas Gupta discusses his plans with Shilpa Shinde’s team. He tells Bandgi Kalra not to use chilli powder. However, Bandgi refuses to listen to Vikas.
  • In the washroom, Puneesh asks Luv about his trimmer. Later, he tells Hiten that they have hidden their trimmer.
  • Thus, Hiten asks Luv to give his trimmer back. Later, he starts shouting at Luv and asks him to not touch his personal stuff. Hiten loses his temper.
  • Meanwhile, Bandgi threatens Hina that she will throw her makeup in the pool.
  • Interestingly, Akash starts buttering Hiten and hugs him. After that, Hiten laughs at him and asks Akash, “Why are you showing love before the task?” Hiten asks Akash to beware of fire, water and Tejwani.
  • Then, the task starts and Bandgi calls Arshi first. Bandgi tries to irritate Arshi and cuts her hairs.
  • Further, Vikas stops Bandgi from cutting Arshi’s hair. Arshi rings the bell and quits.
  • Then, Akash comes next and as Shilpa and Bandgi decided to take revenge on him. Shilpa rubs garlic on Akash’s face. Akash gets tortured with garlic and Hiten’s waxed strips.
  • While facing torture, Akash shouts at Shilpa for not rubbing garlic on his eyes.
  • After seeing Akash in pain, Priyank Sharma tries to help Akash by giving him water and towel. However, Bandgi gets angry at Priyank and Vikas and stops them from helping Akash.
  • Vikas, Puneesh and Bandgi ask to quit Akash but he refuses by saying that he is a rockstar.
  • In the end, Akash ends up with a swollen face. But on another side, Hina cries for Akash.
  • Later, on Luv’s turn, Puneesh tries to trim his hairs. Due to this, Luv gets angry at Puneesh and tries to stop him.
  • After Luv’s turn, Hina comes on the board. Bandgi starts annoying Hina by rubbing Hiten’s waxed strip on her face. Moreover, Bandgi cuts Hina’s hair.
  • However, Hiten stops Bandgi. Meanwhile, Shilpa says she won’t touch dirt.
  • Bandgi tortures Hina with cream in her hair.
  • Later, Shilpa comes with a mop and Vikas says Psycho Alert.
  • Shilpa throws Hiten’s waxed strips on Hina’s face.
  • In the end, Bigg Boss announces the task is over and Hiten’s team wins the task.

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