Bigg Boss 11: Puneesh Sharma smashes Sapna Chaudhary’s picture over Bandgi Kalra’s advice; Day 46 action

Salman Khan’s reality show, Bigg Boss season 11, has finally shown true colours of friendship as many housemates witnessed betrayal from their close ones on day 46’s luxury budget task ‘Dino Park’.

Thus, let’s see what happened on day 46 in the luxury budget task of Bigg Boss 11 house:

  • Day 46 starts with Vikas Gupta having a conversation with Luv Tyagi. He tells Luv that he listens to everyone and advises him that he can’t make everyone happy. Further, Vikas also compliments Luv by saying that he is the cutest person in the Bigg Boss house. However, Luv remarks that Vikas’ role has ended in the task.
  • In the dining area, Akash Dadlani calls Arshi Khan and Shilpa Shinde, the most negative people in the house.
  • Meanwhile, Priyank Sharma and Vikas get into an argument in which Benafsha Soonawalla enters and says to Priyank and Vikas that they both play alone but have expectations from each other.
  • In the washroom area, Vikas tells Shilpa that she shouldn’t be hurt by Akash’s comments. But with a response to it, Shilpa says that she didn’t even care about Akash and she has seen many people like Akash in her life.
  • Later, Hiten Tejwani remarks that everyone has gone mad. But Vikas considers Akash a mad person as he calls him ‘Takla Shaitan’.
  • About Shilpa, Vikas says that he has shown so much love to her because he wanted her to feel guilty because of him. Meanwhile, Vikas also makes a strategy with Puneesh while Luv draws up the strategy with Priyank.
  • In the kitchen area, Shilpa shows her disappointment to Akash’s behaviour towards her and says to him that what he did to her after calling her his mother was wrong.
  • Then, the Dino Park task begins and Vikas, Puneesh and Luv fight after the buzzer.
  • Vikas wants to go first but Luv doesn’t allow him to go and hurt Vikas’s hand badly. However, after this chaos, Luv comes out first and crushes Akash’s picture.
  • On the second buzzer, Puneesh goes first and crushes Benafsha’s picture by saying that he doesn’t see her as a captain by which Benafsha gets upset and remarks his captaincy too.
  • In the next round, Puneesh again comes out first and gets confused between Hiten and Sapna Chaudhary’s picture. Interestingly, Vikas tells Puneesh that he should save Hiten to be good in people’s mind. Moreover, Bandgi also tells Puneesh that he should save Hiten which is an indirect advice to break Sapna’s picture.
  • Thus, Puneesh breaks Sapna’s picture. Sapna gets upset with this act.
  • After Sapna, Puneesh crushes Priyank’s picture.
  • Later, Hina Khan asks Luv about Puneesh and Vikas’s game plan on which Luv tells her that Vikas doesn’t want to break Bandgi as well as Hiten’s picture.
  • Meanwhile, Hiten tells Hina that he doesn’t expect anything from anyone.
  • On the last buzzer, Vikas comes out but doesn’t crush anyone’s picture. Vikas gets into the dicey situation and finally breaks Hiten’s picture by his hands and keeps his promise.
  • In the end, Bandgi, Puneesh, and Luv are the contenders for the captaincy task.
  • Puneesh and Akash make fun of Vikas and Luv with the skeleton.

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