Bigg Boss 11: Priyank Sharma says, “Divya could have waited until I got out of the house”; read full interview

On Saturday night, Bigg Boss 11 celebrity contestant and every girl’s heartthrob Priyank Sharma has been evicted from the Bigg Boss house. However, after getting out of the house, Priyank seems to be very happy and fortunate that he got an opportunity to celebrate the new year with his family and friends. Sumit Rajguru of Free Press Journal spoke to Priyank about his experience and some controversies happened with him in the Bigg Boss house.

Let’s read what he has said –

How was your experience in the Bigg Boss 11 House?

Bigg Boss 11 house is one of the most amazing places. One of the most difficult things you can experience in the house. This is the most priceless experience. My journey has been very beautiful with an interesting graph. There was a time when I gained a lot of respect, however, I lost it due to my mistakes. But later, I again managed to gain that lost respect and came out of the house. It was a very interesting graph.

Has your eviction before Luv Tyagi surprised you?

I won’t say it was surprising because Bigg Boss is a very unpredictable show. We thought Hiten Bhaiya (Hiten Tejwani), Sapna Chaudhary would reach the finale due to their popularity. I also thought that I would also be one of the finalists of the show. But, It didn’t happen. As you all know that I got evicted in the first week and I again got evicted in the thirteenth week. Thus, anything can happen at any time. It’s a very unpredictable show.

What will you say about Divya Agarwal breaking up with you on the national television?

Wake up! We broke up! (laughs). Though, I thought that Divya could have waited until I got out of the house. I know there were many questions about some things because Ben (Benafsha Soonawalla) was also out of the house. But she thought it was right to come on the show. That’s ok! We broke up, that’s it!

Was your relationship with Divya was just for Splitsvilla?

Not at all! If you really see Splitsvilla, our love was genuine and we got into each others’ love too much that it was not at all fake. People have given us so much love that our love has seen on screen. Our chemistry was beautiful and it was very genuine from our side. Well, things didn’t work out between us. It is in the past, we have parted our ways. We are very happy now. She is also happy that she has moved on. And I hope she will always be happy in her life that’s what I want.

What do you think about Puneesh and Bandgi’s relationship?

To be very honest, we all thought that they are faking it for the show. But eventually, with the time we got to know that they have got really close and I’m really really happy for both of them that they have found each other. I understand how it feels when you find a person or partner on the reality show. Thus, I’m really happy for them.

As per reports, you and Luv were under influence of Hina Khan, what will you say on that?

I think it was a very different thing, If I would have been under influence of Hina Khan then would have been seen and I would not have been saying things against Hina Khan. Because, eventually, my equation with Hina was very different. It was not the same thing that we had. Especially, in the last two-three weeks. Because, I took a stand for Vikas when she made a wrong comment on him. Thus, I told her that it was wrong. So, you can’t say that I was under influence of Hina Khan. She is a great friend. In fact, she is very straight forward but I’m not that straight forward. Therefore, I don’t want to say that I was under influence of Hina Khan or Vikas Gupta, because, I have fought for right and wrong. I have put my opinions strongly.

Why did you body shame Shilpa and Arshi?

You know that was a time when we have seen such situations and circumstances in which we probably would commit mistakes. I think it is the one thing that I would like to undo. Because there was no reason for body shaming anyone and I’m very very happy that I apologised for it. I told Shilpa Ji (Shilpa Shinde) and Arshi Khan. Now, they are very great friends of mine. What’s better than that?

According to you who is the real mastermind in the house and why?

I think we all wanted to be the mastermind because we all play with mind whereas; some play with the heart. But someone who executes it very well that is Vikas Gupta.

According to you who is the real and fake person in the house?

I won’t comment on the real and fake person, because, I know Vikas and Benafsha from outside of the house. So, how can I know that whatever they are doing is fake or real, because I can only judge them on the basis of the show. As you have seen Hina was my friend thus, I judged her on the basis of the show. But when all will come out of the show, then only I can say that who is a real and fake person. Right now, according to me, all are real and genuine.

Who do you see as top 3 finalists and winner of the show?

I see Vikas, Shilpa Ji and Hina. And I want to give the right to the entire country to choose the winner of Bigg Boss 11.

What do you want to say to your fans?

I’m there just because of your love and support. My journey started with Roadies to Splitsvilla to Bigg Boss. You guys have given me a lot of love. I think when I’m on the peak, my fans gave me a lot of love and support. I haven’t won any reality show but the love I got from my fans that is unbelievable. Thank you so much for your support during my good and bad time. From being an ordinary boy to whatever I’m today is just because of all these people.

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