Bigg Boss 11: Hina, Priyank and Benafsha begin war with Shilpa, Akash and Puneesh; Day 37 War

Salman Khan’s reality show, Bigg Boss season 11, has finally turned into the ring of war in which words were literally firing at each other. On day 37, Bigg Boss contestants were seen in an aggressive mode.

Thus, let’s see what happened on Day 37 in the Bigg Boss 11 house:

  • Day 37 starts with Puneesh Sharma and Bandgi Kalra’s hot romance in which they were getting cosy under the blanket. However, Akash Dadlani removes the blanket from them after which Puneesh gets angry and scolds Akash for his deed.
  • In the morning, Hina Khan tells Hiten Tejwani that Puneesh and Bandgi were getting too much cosy on the last night. Hina feels pity for Bandgi’s family, while Hiten says how will they face their families.
  • Later, in the conversation with Shilpa Shinde, Bandgi tells her that Benafsha Soonawalla doesn’t wear clothes properly while sleeping. Bandgi remarks Benafsha asked Akash not to remove her blanket.
  • Then, Luv Tyagi tells Hina about Bandgi’s remark over Benafsha. Meanwhile, Puneesh tells Bandgi that he wants to do something with her.
  • In the bedroom, Hina again takes out the topic of Puneesh and Bandgi’s closeness and enacts their position of bed with Priyank Sharma.
  • However, in the kitchen area, Shilpa tells Arshi Khan that Benafsha has gone mad since yesterday.
  • Later, something insane happens in which Benafsha provokes Akash for the revenge. After seeing this, Vikas goes to Priyank and Hina and tells them to stop Benafsha. Then, Hina says that she is just frustrated and fighting for her and he should have taken Benafsha’s side instead of stopping her.
  • Vikas asks Priyank and Hina why she is fighting now after 4 weeks. Priyank gets angry and says that they will fight for this issue even after 8 weeks.
  • Benafsha says that she had warned Puneesh and Akash to not come on her bed, by which Bandgi gets angry and says not to pull Puneesh’s name in between this topic.
  • Hina asks Puneesh that why is he staring at Benafsha like this? On which, Puneesh says that he is shocked at seeing Benafsha talking on this issue after 4 weeks.
  • Later, Puneesh starts arguing with Priyank and Hina. Then, Vikas calls Puneesh and asks him something to which he denies. However, Benafsha constantly says that Puneesh told her on which Puneesh says that Benafsha is lying.
  • And the war begins in which Puneesh and Priyank start fight, however, Bandgi stops Puneesh from fighting.
  • Meanwhile, Shilpa calms down Akash by saying that Benafsha needs medication. In the fight, Benafsha pulls Akash’s hair and he complains to Bigg Boss.
  • Bandgi tries to calm down Puneesh. He cries on Bandgi’s shoulder.
  • In the fight, Akash says that Priyank and Luv are Hina’s dogs. Thus, Hina gets angry and tells Akash not to take her name. They get into an argument where Priyank and Luv support Hina. Hina warns Akash not to come near her.
  • Later, Luv tells Shilpa that Akash was talking about her body to which she reacts normally but later cries in the washroom.

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