Bigg Boss 11 Day 85: Priyank Sharma and Luv Tyagi are nominated for the eviction

If you missed last night’s (Monday) December 25, 2017 episode of the most controversial show Bigg Boss 11, then here’s a recap.

* Monday night episodes begins with song ‘party abhi baaki hai’. The Bigg Boss house is decorated with Christmas decorations.

* There was discussion between Shilpa Shinde and Puneesh Sharma about Vikas. Shilpa says, Vikas is in depression. Puneesh says that, whenever someone leaves house, he becomes depressed.

* Further, Hina reads the nomination task, the contestants will have to spend exactly 42 minutes inside the dome without any clock or watch. So, they will have to make the correct estimate by counting the seconds. Second, the contestants who are outside the dome will make an effort to distract the one who’s inside.

* Puneesh was the first to go inside the dome and other contestant Priyank, Hina, Luv and Vikas try to distract him.

*Luv tries to distract Puneesh with papaya as he hates fruits and Hina ask Puneesh about his best moments with Bandgi. Puneesh rings the buzzer.

* After some time, Vikas says to Priyank that Shilpa, Luv and Puneesh are forming a strong team. Priyank was next to get into the dome, Akash farts in the dome.

* Puneesh tries to distract Priyank by saying D has arrived. Priyank rings the buzzer. Aksash goes in after Priyank and does not count the time.

*Vikas and Puneesh tries to distract Shilpa. Akash rings the buzzer and comes outside the dome.

* Now it was Luv’s turn to go inside the dome. Puneesh tried to distract Luv by saying zero. Further Vikas puts ice in Luv’s jacket.

* After Luv, Shilpa’s get into the dome. Puneesh teases Shilpa by saying, “how she’ll get into the dome”. Akash keeps track of time for Shilpa and then she rings the buzzer.

* Task gets over. Bigg Boss announces that Priyank and Luv are nominated for the eviction. Akash shows his excitement by hugging Puneesh and picks him up on his back and starts running in the BB house.

* Shilpa, Akash and Puneesh feel happy as they are safe from the nomination and get into the semifinals.

* The shows ends with pizza party, as Hina comes out of the confession room and tells contestant about Dominos Pizza Party and she unlocks the Appy Fizz fridge and gives it to everyone.

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