Bigg Boss 11: Arshi Khan instigates Luv Tyagi to check her assets; Day 39 action

Salman Khan’s reality show, Bigg Boss season 11 is taking new twists and turns on every day. On day 39, the contestants have seen arguing with each other to nominate two people for the punishment of jail.

Thus, let’s see what happened Day 39 in the Bigg Boss 11 house:

  • Day 39 starts with Priyank Sharma and Benafsha Soonawalla’s conversation in which Benafsha asks Priyank how many female friends does he have and whom he is closest with. After this Priyank says that he is so protective about Benafsha in the house. He further says that he gets scared every time she gets nominated for the eviction.
  • Later in the bedroom, Hina Khan asks Luv Tyagi, Priyank and Benafsha what Arshi Khan is wearing. Then, Luv says that she is wearing only a bra underneath her nightie.
  • Meanwhile, in the kitchen area, Arshi tells Vikas Gupta that Luv is staring at her chest. Then, Vikas suggests Arshi that to clear this matter with Luv and tell him that she is uncomfortable with this.
  • After that, Arshi quickly calls Luv outside and asks her about why he is staring at her chest. Then, Luv says that he wasn’t staring at her chest and says he is not at all interested in her.
  • Later, Luv says that Hina and Priyank were discussing that Arshi was wearing something special inside.
  • In the garden area, Benafsha asks Priyank why he ignored her the whole day. She also asks him why he was upset with her having a private conversation with Luv. Meanwhile, Puneesh Sharma and Bandgi Kalra see Priyank and Benafsha walking in the garden and Bandgi says to Puneesh that they are doing drama because Benafsha already have a boyfriend outside of the house.
  • Priyank says to Benafsha that he wants to say something. He asks her whether they are doing something wrong. She remarks, “Why would be wrong?” Benafsha suggests Priyank to relax, and says we are friends. She adds, “My love and your love will understand that this is just friendship.” Priyank says, “To be honest, I am not very sure.”
  • Later, in the kitchen, Shilpa Shinde and Arshi discuss Puneesh and Bandgi’s closeness in the show.
  • In the bedroom, Benafsha asks Sapna Chaudhary that why she didn’t tell Akash that he is wrong. However, Mehjabi comes in the conversation. But Hina stops Mehjabi. Due to this, Mehjabi starts fighting with Hina says that she is nobody to stop her.
  • Later, in the garden area, Hina cries alone and asks her Luv, Priyank and Benafsha not to talk to her.
  • Sabyasachi tells Vikas about Shilpa’s flip side.
  • After that, Bigg Boss asks housemates to nominate the contestants for the jail who were responsible for the failure of the task. However, Bigg Boss warns Benafsha for pulling Akash Dadlani’s hair and nominates her for next week’s nomination and sends her to the jail.
  • In the discussion, Hina and team suggest Puneesh, Vikas and Shilpa’s name. The discussion turns out into the major chaos.
  • Later, when Bigg Boss asks Puneesh about those two housemates, Puneesh says that they haven’t reached to any conclusion. Thus, Big Boss asks the contestants who are nominated for the captaincy to nominate contestants for the jail.
  • Then, Bandgi, Akash and Sabyasachi nominate Hina and Hiten Tejwani for the jail.
  • Thus, Hina gets upset and says to Sabyasachi that his decision was not fair. Meanwhile, Benafsha says that Sabyasachi didn’t nominate Priyank because he wants to talk to Priyank.
  • While sitting outside the jail, Sabyasachi gets offended and says that he will not with Priyank again.
  • Later, in the house, Luv starts making fun of Shilpa and Vikas’s fight. Thus, Vikas gets angry with Luv and warns him to stay away from him.
  • Moreover, Vikas tells Arshi to not let Luv sleep for the whole night.
  • Arshi starts instigating Luv to see her private parts. Vikas and Bandgi also say that Luv is Hina’s bouncer.
  • In the jail, Hina tells Hiten that Arshi and Akash are instigating Luv and Priyank.

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