BHOPAL: Enraged over government interference in affairs of temples, ‘Mathas’, the sages would take out a ‘Rath-Yatra’ to Uttar Pradesh to campaign against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) if Madhya Pradesh government did not fulfil their 7-point demands. The sages demonstrated at Kamla Park in support of their demands and they even threatened to campaign in UP against BJP.

The seven point demands include not allowing collectors to take over temples, monasteries, removal of encroachment from temple premises, no auctioning of land of temples, suspension of government ordinance regarding temples, certain rules regarding succession of temples, developing pasture land for “Gaushalas”, continuation of Guru-Shishya tradition in the state. Earlier, throughout the day, the saints from all over the state staged sit-in at Kamla Park in support of their demands and in protest against alleged indifferent attitude of the state government regarding fulfillment of the demands. They said that this time, they do not want any kind of misleading assurance.  As per Computer Baba and other sages, chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan always gives assurance but now if demands are not fulfilled, they would sabotage BJP’s poll interest in UP.