BHOPAL: Pt. Deendayal Upadhyaya Vachnalaya, a one-room building opposite state BJP office always remains closed but its outer walls are used as an open toilet by the passersby and a dumping ground of garbage.

There are two Sulabh Shauchalayas in the particular area – one near the BJP office and another on the other side of the road at RTO. Even after this, the reading room walls are used as urinating space by men. The shop owners in nearby area do not have any problem because they themselves use the space for the same purpose. Shopkeepers around the Vaachnalaya say that don’t find any stink there.

It is just the commuters, especially women, who had to face the stink and turn around, when someone is urinating.

The hostellers and girls living behind BJP office say that they have been seeing the condition like this since two years. Suchi Mahant, a hosteller said, “This is my second year in hostel here and the condition is same even after the second public toilet being constructed just near the office”

Annesha Das, hosteller, said, “We take bus from here. Since the boundary is broken, one can see clearly who is standing behind. Many times we had to move from the stop because of men urinating behind. It is very awkward.”

Sushma Sakalya, commuters “She boards her bus from there and it becomes difficult to stand there due to smell. “Even after two toilets, people use this space as toilets don’t know why. But municipal corporation should take some action as their garbage bin is there, which is also spilling. Before this, I thought that this is a toilet”,