Win your job through your body language
Win your job through your body language

When in conversation with fashion stylists and bloggers, it is proved again that body language speaks volume than looking fashionable alone, writes Shikha Jain

From picking the best outfit to doing the perfect make-up and hairdo, we always try to set a benchmark to have an upper-hand in the world of fashion. But is it only about clothes, accessories, shoes and other materialistic things? It is the minimalistic style yet the most gracious one that comes from the person’s body language.

Body language and fashion

Fashion is one’s personality, attitude and body language. It should be in one’s soul than just swiping the credit card. More than what is on your body, what matters is how your body carries it. Appropriate body language is a crucial aspect when it comes to fashion. Imagine wearing a short skirt and sitting with legs wide open. It is also generally known that a walking style sends a distinct message at a conscious and subconscious level – there is a great difference between a haughty stride, a sensual sway, a machine-like march or a slouch. The messages are sent ‘in code’ with a hidden meaning through body language. Body movements send unmistakable messages and communicate exponentially when they relate with other languages such as fashion.

Walk like a pro, actress Blake Lively style
Walk like a pro, actress Blake Lively style

Through the stylists eyes

Eshaa Amiin, a celebrity stylist says, “Body language is like making a statement and an impression when you walk into the room. With everything you do from makeup to setting your hair right to wearing ideal dresses to showing off your Louboutin, body language comes first. It shapes the kind of personality one has.”

In terms of dressing-up, the actors are given guidance, but one is not taught how to talk or behave. When it comes to shoots and shows, the actors are told how to sit and pose for the camera and to gauge the outfit. “For instance, when we style Sridevi for an ad, we were aware of her personality, which was elegant and classy, so, we couldn’t give her something like torn jeans or crops tops. Hence, the styling was tweaked for her. We have to style people as per one’s personality or to elevate their personality,” she further says.

To have an appreciable body language and to look alluring every time are two different and vital points. More than being fashionable, one needs to know how to be stylish, because 70% of the impression is created by the way you look and present yourself. And if one does not have the right attitude to carry themselves then everything falls flat, no matter how flawless your clothing is, because till when can you fake it?

A complete Bombay girl in her 20s with a graduation degree in Mass Media who loves to read, write, bathroom sing and enjoys everything with a pinch of Karan Johar-style drama, Aanam Chasmawala says, “With fashion and posing being my eternal lovers (not necessarily in that order), how could I resist the urge of being a fashion blogger?”

Appropriate hand gestures while talking are important, and Shah Rukh Khan does it right
Appropriate hand gestures while talking are important, and Shah Rukh Khan does it right

She believes fashion is not only about looking glamorous all the time. “I’m not sure if body language can be a replacement or representative of fashion as such, but I will agree on the similarity that both go along to make a first impression. They’re both unique in their own way — the way you style yourself, or the way you carry yourself. And I do believe that the two would go hand in hand by means of an overall appearance,” she adds.

If one has to look like a star at any hour of the day, she says, “I can’t answer this on behalf of a celebrity; but I do think that whether you’re a public figure or the general public, you must be able to fit like a second skin, no matter what you choose to be in. That’s why I will always give more weightage to comfort over trends when it comes to my personal style.”

Aanam advises on understanding what works for your body type, what works for your lifestyle. Always know that something that isn’t working for someone else might work for you, and that something that is working for someone else may not work for you. Be open to new ideas, but always know your own limit to experimenting, as well.

Mamtaa Joshi, a fashion stylist says, “Fashion is not constant, and one can buy it in a breeze, but if one does not have a style, which comes from within, then the fashion seems to be lost or handicapped. When fashion comes to the market, it seeks style and how one carries fashion depends on the person’s body language, because fashion and the body language together create a style. It is a way of conducting oneself and without a positive body language there is no style.”

So, to create a great impression even the celebrities are guided by the stylists, at least on-screen. “Like how they say, people judge you with non-verbal communication and how you make them feel with gestures, likewise, all the materialistic things will remain temporary if not combined with a good body language,” she further adds.

Learn to sit like a royalty from Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Middleton
Learn to sit like a royalty from Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Middleton

Make every move count!

The body is our primary means of communication. It must be used wisely to send subliminal messages that are perceived at a subconscious level by our kind.
It is crucial to pay attention to all facets of non-verbal communication. In fact, body language – facial expressions, tone of voice, head movement, postures, eye contact and hand gestures may play a bigger role in this area than clothes.

All these so-called “kinesics” contribute to one’s image, public persona and confident sense of self in the outside world. It is a conduit to help further in reaching your goals and dreams.

Styling was tweaked to suit late Sridevi’s persona for an ad
Styling was tweaked to suit late Sridevi’s persona for an ad

Use it wisely

The sloppy appearance, messy hair and wrinkled clothes send the message, ‘I don’t care’.

Posture is one means of communication. Body movements convey information about interpersonal relations and personality traits such as confidence, submissiveness and openness. Body Language (non-verbal signals) are approximately five times as effective as looking glamorous.

The way you sit, stand, your gestures and mannerisms and your facial expressions will say far more about you and how you are feeling at any given time than the words or clothes you are using. Body language can also be used as a mask to convey contrary feelings.

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