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Bhang-over: 10 do’s and don’ts for everyone who plans to have bhang this Holi


Bhang. Sounds fun. To add to the festive season comes bhang infused dishes, from thandai to meethai. Having bhang is any forms gives a kick. But what’s more dramatic is the effects of it. The moment you have bhang you feel your body is immune to intoxication and you feel as if you have accepted it gracefully. But as soon as bhang starts its magic, you will be transported to a different world altogether. It helps to release anxiety and all things around you come in slow motion. But like any other ‘nasha’, bhang also its own do’s and don’ts you need to follow.

Don’t consume bhang on empty stomach
Never consume bhang on an empty stomach. Keep eating something as it helps to expel the herbs in the right amount of time. Stay away from oily and fried food. To lower its effect mix it with the milkshake or try bhang infused dishes.

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Stay in an open area
Avoid staying in a confined room as it may result in claustrophobia due to hallucinogenic effects. Never consume bhang from an unknown person, there are chances of adulteration. Never have bhang alone or in an unfamiliar place as you may fall asleep, give you panic attacks or may lead to severe anxiety.

Don’t drive
We all know driving or riding a vehicle when intoxicated can be fatal. The same applies to bhang. Never ride or drive any vehicle after consuming bhang.

Not for heart patients
If you are someone who suffers from heart problems, high/low blood pressure, hypertension or asthma avoid consuming bhang. It may also damage your digestive system. Consuming bhang can cause an increase in heart rate and in diastolic blood pressure.


Drink a lot of water
Bhang leads to dehydration. It is advised to increase water intake before and after the consumption of bhang.

Don’t mix bhang with alcohol
To get a kick, people often mix bhang and alcohol. But doing so may have fatal results. Avoid going out in direct sunlight as it may give you a bad headache.

No painkillers
Never take painkillers to get rid of the hangover or a headache you get after consuming bhang. It may cause acidity which further worsens nausea.


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No beverages
Although a cup of tea or coffee refreshes most of us, having it after consuming bhang may not help at all. Coffee has the ability to deplete water from the body and bhang leads to dehydration.

Consume fruits
Consume a lot of fruits it will help you to stay hydrated. Instead of tea/coffee drink fruit juices. It will also give a detox to your body system.

Take showers
Taking a bath with warm water will also help to get rid of the hangover. It will help to get rid of drowsiness, headache, and body ache.

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