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April Fool’s Day 2019: 10 pranks to pull on your colleague and boss that (probably) won’t get you fired!

Image Source: Pixabay |

Image Source: Pixabay |


It’s April in few hours. It is the time of the year when we can pull any prank on our family, friends and colleagues and easily get away with it by saying those three magical words ‘April Fool Banaya!’. Since ‘April 1’ is not declared a holiday yet (kidding!) and this year it falls on Monday, so chances are you might be in the office. But that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the day. We bring to you few prank ideas you can pull on your colleagues and boss. Well, we are not responsible if you are fired from the job. All the best!

Meet me!

Leave a sticky note saying ‘Meet Me!’ on your colleagues’ desk without any name and few hearts. Let them guess the sender’s name.


The Keyboard Fun

This is amazing and can drive your colleague insane. Connect your colleague’s keyboard wire in your CPU. Once your colleague starts typing, that’s the time you start typing too. You can type some fun stuff or even some horror scripts and drive them crazy.



Replace your office door’s bumper with an air horn. Now shut the door. When someone opens the door it will hit the horn. Your work is done.


Hide your colleague’s favourite possession and leave a note asking for a treat or chocolate. You decide the terms. Make sure the ransom note is super fun.


Replace keys

Well, most people don’t even look at the keyboard while typing. It’s time you mess with the keys. Or else you can just rearrange the keys forming the words ‘APRIL FOOL’.

Wrap the chair

Take wrapping paper or toilet paper and wrap your colleague’s chair completely with it. Also, make sure you sneak a toy or cushion. When the person sees their chair wrapped, they will just laugh for a while and ignore. But the real fun begins when they sit on the chair.

Image Scare

Sneak a scary image into your colleague’s drawer.

Dead Mouse

Block their mouse’s sensor using a post it notes with some amazing note. You can even use your colleague’s picture on it. So when they notice that their mouse doesn’t work, they will probably turn the mouse only to find the note or image.


Change the office WiFi name to something funny. We are sure your team might have some inside secret; you can use those keywords as your WiFi name.

Number 10

Well, there are only 9 pranks. You are pranked!


  • Make sure you do not utilise much of the office hours in setting up the prank. If your prank requires lot of time, you must reach the office early or do it in the lunch break.
  • If you are pranked, don’t feel offended.
  • Make sure your pranks do not hurt anyone.

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