Ankit Tiwari’s secret of going Viral…

His latest single, ‘Badtameez…’ is proof that music director-singer ANKIT TIWARI has the secret ingredient to make a song go viral. He spills the beans while talking to VIRAJ SAWANT.

His song ‘Sunn raha hai na tu…’ took the country by storm. It became the love anthem for thousands of people in love. Before we could know more about this young star, he gave yet another hit in the form of ‘Galliyan…’ from EK VILLAIN. Since then there’s been no stopping Ankit, with back to back hits and awards one after another!

Hailing from the city of Kanpur, Ankit always had a connect with music since his parents owned a music troupe. Even though music was in his blood, the Hindi music industry was far away. With no connections and references he began his journey in the city of dreams and in 2010 composed music for DO DOONI CHAAR and SAHEB BIWI AUR GANGSTER.

How has your struggle been in the industry?

Struggle, after all, is something that is inevitable. You can’t skip the struggle and suddenly get the fame you want. I am thankful to God my struggle was a graceful one. My struggle did not harm me in anyway. But I had to meet a lot of people, making cold calls, coordinating meetings with directors and music composers… Living with the constant hope that if my work isn’t happening today, it might happen tomorrow. Basically not giving up is more important in your struggling days. I lived on this hope for around five years. I am thankful to God I got to struggle in an industry where so many legends have struggled before. The likes of Kishore Da, Dilip Sa’ab and Mr. Bachchan have started from this very industry.

In an age when reality shows produce plenty of singers every year, do you agree godfathers are important in the industry?

I don’t know how relevant godfathers are but I think there are a lot of people who had trust in my talent… People who trust newcomers like me because they are talented, and for that I would give credit to Mr. Habib Faisal firstly. He gave me an opportunity to work on a film when I was a nobody.

Secondly, Tigmanshu Bhaiya (Tigmanshu Dhulia). He heard my voice somewhere and he insisted that I should sing a song for SAHEB BIWI AUR GANGSTER. I didn’t want to sing this song because I felt my voice wouldn’t suit that genre. Being a music composer you know what voice should be given to a particular type of a song. So he tried to convince me for this song for three whole days and then finally I said yes for it. Though the song did not grow very popular, his trust in my voice made me sing that song. Thirdly, Bhatt Sa’ab (Mahesh Bhatt) who, after hearing ‘Sunn raha hai na tu…’ for the very first time, assured me and Mohit Chauhan that this song would be in the movie and only and only Ankit Tiwari would sing it. I don’t know if I should call them my godfathers but they are the ones I go to even when I want advice.

How do you look at competition from other singers?

There is no such competition in the industry. Artistes don’t really get time from their work to pay attention to what sort of competition is happening. So concentrating on your work is more important than anything else for me. It’s simple, if I don’t work hard for an exam, I fail. If you don’t put in your blood and sweat for your work, you won’t see success. The competition is with yourself more than it is with others.

Your two songs, ‘Sunn raha hai na tu…’ and ‘Galliyan…’ became the love anthems of the nation. Your very first single, ‘Badtameez…’ has already crossed 44 lakh views. What’s your mantra to making songs viral?

There is only one mantra for all these songs going viral, and that is your hard work. This industry makes and breaks every star based on their hard work. The moment your work isn’t up to the mark, your popularity hits rock bottom. When you watch a song on YouTube, the power is in your hand. The cursor is in your hand and you decide if you want to watch the song again or not. If you like the song, you may tweet it or share it on Facebook. Your friends will watch it. If they don’t like it they won’t watch it again but if they do they’ll share it further. That’s how songs go viral and I feel your hard work is the

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