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Amma canteen to corrupt blunder: Rahul Gandhi and his innumerable goofs-up


Mumbai: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi has done it again. No, we are not talking about another scheme that he/they named after another member of the ‘Gandhi- Nehru’ parivaar. We are talking about goofing up while addressing the crowd and the media.

While inaugurating ‘Indira Canteens’ in Karnataka, Rahul Gandhi addressed the crowd, and in his speech, not for the first time the Congress Vice President had a tongue-in-cheek moment. “In a matter of a few months, the poor people across most cities in Karnataka will be able to eat in these Amma…er…Indira canteens,” Rahul Gandhi said, clearly giving away where the blue print came from.

A little before he made the Amma error Rahul said that the Indira Canteens will expanded to every city in Bengaluru. Well we leave it up to you to figure out which are the ‘cities’ in Bengaluru.


Like mentioned before, this is not the first time that RG has goofed up while addressing the audience and the media. Previously, while addressing thousands of National Students Union of India (NSUI) and Congress workers RG said, “if India is a computer, Congress is its default program” implying the importance of the grand old party in India’s politico sphere was hilarious to the core.

Talking to people in Firozabad in Uttar Pradesh, Rahul had said, “You all are demanding a potato factory in your area, but you should understand I am an opposition leader. I can put pressure on the government, but cannot take the decision. I cannot open a potato factory for farmers.” He actually meant factory of potato chips. He was trolled on the internet and by the Opposition because of how stupid he sounded to ask for a potato factory.

In one of the press conferences, RG was asked what he thought about malnourishment in Gujarat state to which he replied, “2 out of 1 child are malnourished in Gujarat… This is the Gujarat Model the BJP keeps talking about.”


Rahul Gandhi was speaking on the milk revolution in Gujarat. He was speaking about Amul and how it gets its milk. Here’s what he ended up saying “Gujarat Ko Agar Kisine Khada Kiya Hai, Gujarat Ko Amul (the milk brand) Kisne Diya Hai, Gujarat Ko Kisne Doodh Diya Hai? Toh Iss Tadaf Dekhiye, In Mahilao Ne Diya Hai. Gujarat Ki Mahilao Ne Doodh Diya Hai.

Rahul again goofed up at a MP rally where he mixes up bhrashtachar with balatkar, he said, “What has the government done for the tribals here? Have they indulged in corruption (apke saath bhrashtachar kiya?)… Nahin balatkar kiya.”

On one occasion while talking about the volunteers of INC, he said, “Agar aap yuva karyakarta se baat karen, agar aap mahila karyakarta se baat karen, pehli baar wo keh rhe hain ki bhai maza aaya, aur main ye jo maza hai hindustan k har vaikti ko dena chahta hun..”


Among other things that he has said, includes.

“Hindustan Ek Soch hai. Hindustan Ek Jagah Hai…(fumbles) Magar  Hindustan Ek Soch Hai…”

 “There’s so much of unemployment in Gujarat. About 27,000 crore jobs are lying vacant there”

 “This morning I got up at night, 4 O’clock in the morning.”

 “Gujarat is bigger than the United Kingdom.”

 “Politics is in your shirt, in your pant.”

 “10 out of 7 youths in Punjab are hooked on to drugs.”

 “India is the Saudi Arabia of 21st century.”

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