‘Amitabh makes me conscious’ , Says Ranvir Shorey

As he speaks to Nikita Wadhawan about his dumfound moment, playing second-fiddle and more

One would assume after 15 years of experience in the film industry, actor Ranvir Shorey would not be nervous working opposite top star, but that is not true. “The only time I have been stupefy is with Amitabh Bachchan in a small part I did in ‘Lakshya’ years ago. He is the only one who can still make me very conscious,” divulges Ranvir.

Although he stood-out in supporting roles in films like ‘Khosal Ka Ghosla’ among some very talented actors, Ranvir has no qualms not being the lead hero or with the length of the role. “In my career, I have done more supporting roles than lead roles, so the length of a role doesn’t matter to me. Although every actor has a hunger for a larger part, and I am no different. But there are many more talented people like me, who are not getting the opportunity for showcase  their talent. Showbiz is a huge place and I am lucky to be a working actor and that there are directors who want to work with me,” gratifies Ranvir.

Even in his upcoming film ‘Kadvi Hawa’, Ranvir plays second fiddle to Sanjay Misra as a greedy money lender in a drought-stricken village of Chambal. When asked if independent films can change people’s mind-set on climate change the way Hollywood films have, he says “I am not sure that Hollywood films have done any real work on such issues. People who go to watch such films, don’t take the real message, they focus on the apocalyptic nature of the story. But the fact is, movies cannot change the world, it can only make people aware, of the world. To change, people have to act.”

He also added that it is a delusion that independent cinema always delivers great content, which has led to it being underappreciated. “It is disappointing, but I don’t know how much of the smaller films have good content. Smaller films need to be consistent. If one small film does well then money is invested, then the next six months turns out to be crap. Due to that some that were good tend to be shelved. Just because you are a small film doesn’t mean it is a good film,” propagates Ranvir, who has off-late taken a shine to independent films.

Ranvir, who is a co-parent to son Harron with former wife Konkana Sensharma, says that he would not want his son to walk on his parents’ footsteps and refrain him from becoming an actor. “I will probably dissuade him from going into this business as I feel every human being everyone has their calling. Will have to keep an eye on what his calling is, if it is acting then so be it,” Ranvir concedes.

Albeit he has no reservations in taking over the childcare reins from Konkona, allowing her more time to peruse her passions. “I don’t think in the history of mankind, men were not taking care of their children. If the man was home, doesn’t mean he was not feeding his child, if the mother was not around. These clichés are born out patriarchy mind-set that can be changed,” promulgates Ranvir.

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