Amid FIFA World Cup 2018 fever, here’s a guide on life-lessons from soccer

It’s often seen that where boundaries divide, passion for sport unites. Ongoing FIFA World Cup in Russia will not change the Soviet past but can certainly deliver valuable lessons into the game of life. And all this can be actually absorbed by merely enjoying the game of soccer from the different positions of the players.

Taking life FORWARD

In soccer, the forward position is the spot of limelight. And it comes with the expectations of scoring goals. They form the front line of attack and are often offensive. In order to succeed in life we need to be alert in every step we take with no laid back attitude. Expectations are always plenty from our near and dear ones; hence we too are expected to be in the forefront of achieving our goals.

Another significant role of a forward in football is to follow all shots and if another forward has the ball, the first forward must move without the ball, along with the other forwards, to stay one pass away (as far as the other forward can pass), provide support, look to receive cross or through ball. In life often we find achieving our goals single handedly difficult. But the same task becomes easier with teamwork, taking guidance and assistance from others.

Forwards need to go back when we are on defense, to stay close to the midfielders and defenders, but do not usually go all the way back. Just the way, when the situation demands on our personal front we too need to cut down upon our pace of work, pay attention to family needs only to bounce back with greater energy after a short break.


In the game of soccer Midfielders spend a lot of time playing different roles. And they are expected to be good at defence and offense. They are required to reduce the burden of the defenders by ensuring that the opposing team doesn’t get anywhere near their goal post. And at the same time getting the ball passed up to the forwards for them to score a goal. Midfielders will sometimes take penalty kicks, throw-ins, kick-offs, and corner kicks. It depends on who is the strongest at these.

There comes a time in life where the circumstances compel you to opt for different you. If throughout your life you have been a mild person, a time may come where you will have to show your aggressive side or vice versa. Many a times we get into midfielders shoes when we play a mediator within our family to ensure the purpose is achieved without hurting any of the family members’ sentiments. Depending on one’s’ own ability the person decides to shoulder the responsibility.

To DEFEND one’s family

In football, Defenders do everything they can to make sure that the ball does not get past them. They are like wall in front of the opponents, who are all out to net the ball in opponents goalpost. They start the game close to their own goal box but can be found anywhere on their teams half of the field. This is between their goal line and the midfield line.

Some of the senior members in our family play a role of defenders in our life. At times when a child faces problems outside his or her house, father or mother or any senior person steps out on the child’s behalf to understand and tackle the situation. We often see that when the situation arises in the house where the entire family’s reputation is at stake, it is the elders of the house who step ahead in defence, trying their best to protect the image of the family.


The goalkeeper is the last line of defence to prevent the opponents from scoring. Goalkeepers are the eyes and ears on the field and often communicate with other players, placing them in various positions to prevent the oncoming attack of the other team. The goalkeeper can punch the ball, catch the ball or kick the ball back into play. He is the only player who can use his hands within the goal box. The goalkeeper can place the ball directly to the midfield with a drop kick so that the team is quickly prepared to attacking the other goal. Soccer teams that effectively use the goalkeeper to distribute the ball to players ultimately dominate play and have more shots on goal.

We can easily relate the goalkeeper with the senior most member of our family. It could be grandfather, grandmother, father, mother or just anybody who is elder to everyone in age and experience of life. With the passage of time and age catching upon them, they seldom move around like we do. But they are the guiding force behind every family. Their vast experience helps in many ways to bail out a family from the current or unforeseen crises. Often when there is a big function in the house, they know whom to give which task for efficient results. They are the ones who don’t come into limelight unless the situation demands.

Lastly, whenever we watch a game of football we see players often reprimanded by the field referee for fouls they commit during the match by showing yellow or the red card. They are basically meant to discipline players for misconduct during the game. A yellow card is used to caution players, while a red card results in the player’s dismissal from the field of play. However, if a player receives two yellow cards in one game, he gets an automatic red card. A red carded player has to immediately leave the play arena and go into the dressing never to be seen on field till the match gets over.

In life too we get couple of Yellow cards in form of warning from the almighty or that supreme force to discipline our lives. Many a times we tend to ignore these warnings resulting into illness or fatal mishaps which enforce that power to show us the Red card announcing the final exit from the planet Earth. Often we fall prey to our own actions and repent on the death bed when the game of life is almost coming to an end. What life demands, just like the game of soccer, is fair play with positive attitude.

So as you enjoy the ongoing FIFA World Cup, make sure you mark your favourite player and his position. Not just on screen but off-screen too. After all, every life gets a fair chance to kick-off.

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