Actress Shama Sikander reveals her tried and tested travel tips

Actress and travel enthusiast Shama Sikander shares with SNEHA SINGH her tried and tested travel tips

What inspires you to travel?
…The curiosity of exploring the world! I want to know more about everything; I want to explore beautiful, exquisite places in the world. I want to explore food, fashion, vivid cultures, people and their beliefs, etc. for my own personal growth. I want to keep growing, so that inspires me to travel.

Your ultimate travel bucket list?
That would include a trip to the Moon, Mars and to see the different planets!

Solo travelling or travelling in groups?
I would like to travel with my fiance, James (Milliron). I think we both are great travel partners and I enjoy wandering with him the most. He is fantastic and we have great understanding, we sync together very quickly. We go with the flow and enjoy being together; it comes naturally to us. I am not too fond of group travelling, because different people have different mindsets which can be difficult at times.

Are holidays a time for a digital detox?
I was in Capri (Italy) last week; I din’t have my phone with me. Anyway my phone was not catching signal. The best part about digital detoxification is that nobody can contact you, so no talking, and no interviews. Peace of mind!

How do you overcome jet lag?
Oh, I sleep on the plane as much as I can. The best way to combat jet lag is to drink two glasses of wine and you will sleep like a baby!

Your best and worst places?
The best places in the world that I have been to are ltaly and Greece. Actually, the kind of experiences we go through as a traveller define the good and bad side of a place. The first time I went to Paris, I had a very bad experience. I was with a group of friends from India and they faced racism. People were nice to me as they thought I was Arab or Lebanese, but they treated my Indian friends badly. Something like this can ruin the fun.

Since travelling leads to meeting new people, do you like socialising with people in different countries?
Yes, I always look forward to socialising with people. It doesn’t happen very often in India, but over there in Italy, I enjoyed connecting with people from different countries and cultures. Talking to strangers and bonding over food, such things make you aware about people and their perceptions. Socialising stimulates our mind. It is like a sneak peek into a different kind of world.

Which are the places serving the best cuisines?
For me, Greece tops the chart of best cuisines in the world. I devour Greek food like anything! Next comes Italy and Turkey.

Do’s and don’ts every traveller must follow?
Keep your mind open while travelling, explore the cuisines and delicacies, and search for the things that you don’t usually find in your country. I see some people going to different countries and yet sticking to their own cuisine which is kind of surprising to me. If you do so, then there is no point in travelling the world.

Scout for places with natural beauty; it will calm you down and keep you connected with nature. Carry good clothes, shoes and cool stuff, so that you can take perfect photos. Don’t judge other people, because the world is full of vivid personalities. There are rules and regulations you may come across which don’t exist in India, so go prepared. Don’t leave your bags anywhere; they might get lost. Do take care of your passport and all important documents. Always travel with a positive mindset.

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