AAP’s ‘satyagraha’ against Delhi Metro fare hike another hoax: BJP

New Delhi: With the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) protesting against the Delhi Metro fare hike, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Wednesday said that it is Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s usual way of lying to the public by coming up with names such as ‘Satyagraha’.

“Arvind Kejriwal considers himself as the owner of Delhi. If he would have initiated the ‘Satyagraha’ on the very day when the Metro Fare Fixation Committee held a meeting, then I don’t think this move would have been taken into consideration. It is Kejriwal’s usual way of lying to the public by coming up with made up names,” BJP Delhi president Manoj Tiwari told ANI.

He added that the Delhi Government is collecting twice the amount of VAT from people in comparison to other states in the nation. “To ensure the well-being of the public, the Delhi Government could have taken the step when Maharashtra and Gujarat Governments lowered the VAT by 4 percent, but it did not. I was against this Metro fare hike but I was shocked when I got to hear that the AAP itself agreed on this decision in the meeting. If Kejriwal would have been thinking of the welfare of the people then he would have taken a wise step which he did not,” Tiwari further said.

Earlier on Tuesday, the AAP said that it will organise protests against the Delhi Metro fare hike. AAP’s Delhi unit convener Gopal Rai alleged that the decision to raise tariffs was taken to “benefit” radio cab operators. The Centre, however, has maintained that the hike seeks to cut down Metro losses. The move to raise Delhi Metro ticket prices came five months within the last one, and has affected commuters travelling beyond five km.

Journeys in the two to five km distance slab will now cost Rs. five more. The revised fare structure is as follows: up to 2 km – Rs 10; 2 to 5 km – Rs 20; 5 to 12 km – Rs 30; 12 to 21 km – Rs 40; 21 to 32 km – Rs 50; and for journeys beyond 32 km – Rs 60. AAP MLAs have been vocal in their opposition to the price hike.

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