A Question of Belief

M.R. Kopmeyer once said, “Just how do you know that you are capable of receiving the things, you believe you will get? Well, according to the Universal Natural Law, you will get specifically what you believe in, and not from a mere opinion or generality.”

Belief is a missing link between the human mind and the universal law that the input is equal to the output. Belief is the unused spark-plug of the engine of the human mind which can produce all the riches of life. It is the power that transforms ordinary energies of thought into enriching capabilities.

When we look at the records of great men in history we see that they were able to achieve outstanding results through their strong beliefs only. For example, Samuel Morse believed that communication can be established through codes and signals and it became a reality.

Thomas Edison believed that light can be produced if energy is passed through a sealed filament of varying resistance. The Wright brothers who designed the airplane believed that a machine built into a balanced body could be airborne and can fly.

Ralph Waldo Emerson thinker and American essayist said, “With a firm belief, you can just go ahead and do a thing.”

There are four elementary beliefs which can bring peace, harmony, joy, happiness and wealth. The first is the belief in the project you have on hand. The second is that the outcome of the project will be positive. The third is belief in yourself. And the fourth is that there is a God or some supernatural force that connects the belief to make it a reality.

As Benjamin Disraeli said, “The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes.”

There are three types of people in this world i.e. those who make things happen, those who witness things happening and those who just don’t know what is happening around. The majority are bystanders. They avoid situations and challenges. This attitude is adopted because of fear of being ridiculed, rejected, defeated or criticized. They watch things happen. There is another lot of people, who don’t realize what is happening around. This is due to lack of interest and involvement in life. But the best are those who make things happen. They set up a goal, believe in it, work for it and make it a reality.

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