A Happy Soul

He felt good about himself. Others opinions about him did not matter much to him. He lived life on his principles, and values. He felt good that he kept the trust of others. And that he brought joy to the people around him. There was love, and warmth in his interactions. And above all he was not weighed down by overarching ambitions. He was a happy soul.

Life is made of few fleeting moments. But there is a deeper meaning to these momentary moments. The reality is that the state of our mind, thoughts, feelings, and emotions will be carried forward. The happiness we feel within gets carried forward after death. The summation of your entire life is summed up in your soul. That’s the meaning of a soul. It is how you feel about everything. Do you feel good, positive, and happy about yourself ? Then, it means your soul is happy. You are a happy soul.

The soul has only 1 goal – to be happy, to be at peace. And God, the creator has given this equal opportunity to every soul. This is the perfect justice of the creator, karma. This world is a place of trials. But every trial plays itself in the mind. The mind can convert it to an opportunity, or a happy resignation. This same mind can make the same trial appear as a monster waiting to eat us up. The mind is in your control, your thoughts are in your power. You choose their direction. Only you can create your positivity, your happiness. No one else. Not even God. You are the master of your destiny. When you realise this, and sprinkle generously your life with love, care, giving, positivity, and contentment you will realise you can buy your happiness like a commodity in the market place. Then you will live in the blissful state of a happy soul.

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