2 meals a day, morning walk help reduce diabetes, obesity: Expert

Mumbai: With the rising numbers of citizens becoming obese, the brand ambassador of anti-obesity and diabetes drive, Maharashtra and also the eminent health expert, Dr Jagannath Dixit, has come up with a simple solution. This solution, according to Dr Dixit, will help people avoid falling prey to diabetes and obesity, the global epidemics. According to Dr Dixit, who has worked with the World Health Organisation (WHO), people can avoid becoming obese by changing their eating habits, that is, by eating only twice a day.

“I have developed this ‘Two Meals a Day’ method only to ensure India becomes an obesity- and diabetes-free country. One has to only change his/her eating habits. This method is purely based on the ancient preachings of our country,” Dr Dixit said.

He was delivering a lecture at an event in the city on the rising cases of obesity and diabetes. In the event, organised by Association for Diabetes and Obesity Reversal (ADORE), Dr Dixit also launched his book — Diabetes Reversal: New Hope.
Dr Dixit explained, “Our scriptures say a person with one meal a day is a yogi (person with the pure life), the one with two meals is a bhogi (who leads extravagant life) and the one who eats three meals a day is a rogi (a patient).”

“Apart from the two days a meal method, one has to also include at least 45-minutes walking daily. Follow this method for three months minimum and see the change,” Dr Dixit said. According to Dr Dixit, if a diabetic or obese person follows this method then s/he might get rid of the diseases. Also, this will help those, who are yet to get affected by the said disease.

“Insulin in the blood leads to obesity, which in turn results in serious ailments like blood pressure, heart attack, brain haemorrhage and others,” Dr Dixit claimed. He also said this method only pertains to changes in eating and lifestyle habits and does not require spending lakhs of money at gym or hospitals.Dr Dixit also suggested the audience not to follow his method blindly and instead insisted them to first consult with doctors, to verify his theory.

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