10 years of 26/11: Focus is on quality over quantity says Mumbai Police

Mumbai: Ten years after 26/11 attacks, the Mumbai police are now focussing on capability building of current forces. Acting swiftly on the recommendations made by Ram Pradhan Committee, police claim to be well coordinated with foreign and intelligence agencies.

Deven Bharti, Joint Commissioner of Police (Law and Order) assured that the Mumbai Police today is fully prepared to take on any challenges similar to the terrorist attacks that took place on November 26, 2008. Bharti said, “The standard operating procedure to handle different types of terrorist attacks are in place. Responsibilities and actions are well-defined, and have been rehearsed by all respondents. Since we do not have a large force, we are focussing on increasing the capabilities of people in force, by improving their quality, rather than quantity.”

In the aftermath of the 26/11 terror attacks, the Mumbai police is now equipped with one of the most modern control rooms in the world. This control room is equipped with CCTV network giving access to footage from over 2,700 CCTV cameras and strategically located GPS-enabled vehicles. With all these high-tech advances in place, the response time has gone down considerably.

“After the warnings and inputs from intelligence agencies failed to provide information on David Headley, the man who planned the tragic events of 26/11 terrorist attack, Mumbai police have come a long way in the given ten years. The Anti Terrorism Cell (ATC), set up in all city police stations, has provided a huge strong net of local ground level intelligence collection system,” said Bharti. A senior police officer said with the presence of many intelligence agencies working with Mumbai police, it has become difficult for an outsider to sneak into the city easily and accommodate in a hotel, and then carry out reconnaissance to execute terrorist acts.

A state-of-the-art command control centre is functioning effectively since the end of 2017. As the first line of defence on land, Mumbai police have strategically deployed combat and assault mobile [units] at various locations. Bharti told The Free Press Journal, “We have regional and main quick response teams to take on any such eventualities. God forbid, if there is any terrorist attack on Mumbai in the near future, we are ready to tackle it head on.” Speaking about the weapons and arms in the police unit, Bharti confidently said if need persists, the police force is more than adequately equipped in terms of weaponry and other related equipment.

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