Bajaj Finance online Fixed Deposit offers interest rates up to 6.75%
Bajaj Finance online Fixed Deposit offers interest rates up to 6.75%

Investing your savings in a stable financial tool is crucial for wealth creation and growth. The corpus generated can be used for a variety of reasons, such as, saving up for retirement, saving up for a down payment, creating an emergency fund or fulfilling certain specific obligations such as repayment of loans, payment of tuition fees, or purchase of other assets.

Safeguarding your investments from unprecedented and volatile market movements is equally important, financial instruments that bear no effect of market fluctuations ensure safety of your deposit and returns. Fixed deposit and savings accounts, being secure investment platforms, both, give the investor the opportunity of earning fixed decent returns, irrespective of how turbulent the market conditions are.

Generally, these steady investments do not reap impressive returns. Bajaj Finance online Fixed Deposit is an ideal investment option, if one aims for the perfect combination of high FD interest rates and safety of deposit.

With Bajaj Finance online FD, one can build a corpus without exposing savings to risks of market movements.

The below table shows some major differences between a savings account and Bajaj Finance FD:

Fixed deposit vs Savings account: Where should you invest?

In the above table you can see that Bajaj Finance FD gives you the option of investing your savings for a fixed tenor at impressive FD rates. The fixed deposit calculator available on the Bajaj Finserv website provides you with your estimated returns at maturity even before you choose to invest. Hence, you can plan your financial goals and expenses better with this online tool.

The other benefits of investing in a Bajaj Finance online FD are listed below:

High FD interest rates

A savings account provides lesser returns for a same deposit and amount and tenor as compared to a fixed deposit, as the former is calculated using the simple interest formula, giving returns on only the principal amount. On the other hand, the interest earned through an FD is higher as it is calculated using the compound interest formula.

Bajaj Finance online FD offers high FD interest rates up to 6.75% for senior citizens, irrespective of their mode of investment and interest rates up to 6.60% for non-senior citizens investing online.

Loan against FD

Financiers like Bajaj Finance also allow you to apply for a collateral-free loan against your FD, a provision that isn’t offered by savings accounts. The loan amount against fixed deposits offered by Bajaj Finance can be up to 75% of the FD value. Hence, providing liquidity when you need it the most.

Easy online investment process

An end to end online process adopted by Bajaj Finance online FD enables you to benefit from the contactless investment procedure. You can also avail an additional 0.10% rate benefit for booking online!

High credit ratings bestowed by credit rating agencies like CRISIL and ICRA establish how safe it is to deposit in the FD plans provided by Bajaj Finance.

Therefore, you can easily invest in a Bajaj Finance online FD without having to worry about returns, defaults or untimely interest payouts.

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