Experimenting on canvas

Vikash Kalra is a self taught artist who entered the creative world for the love of art. He had mastered the art of a brush and canvas in a very short span and has also received representation from well-known art galleries of India including Art Konsult, Gallery Pioneer, Chawla Art Gallery, Dhumimal Art Centre. Kalra’s my paintings are inspired from landscapes, faces, couples, female nudes and combination of human and animal forms. He never goes by the rule book. Rich in textural experiment, Kalra’s paintings reveal different methods of construction using brushes and palette knives. Desperate, lonely, alienated men and women are the subject of his early fiction. From the sombre structures of early paintings, to the gentle lyricism and joyous optimism of nature landscapes, each transition has been carefully measured. Painted in greys and browns, the landscapes are concrete and palpable with recognizable architectural forms. Linked to one another, the schematized houses are suspended in empty space under a blazing sun. The landscapes are imagery and timeless, alerting my preference for a more conceptual vision of nature. Summer and winter, night and day, darkness and light-an austere painting in grey and black- where I construct a vision of summer in broad strokes of ochre, reds, yellows and oranges. He focuses on going beyond the basics but at the same time not manipulating the bad into good. The paintings exemplify a perfect mix of passion with vision. Kalra has done over 15 solo exhibitions and a number of group shows in India as well abroad. He has presented his work at prestigious art fairs like the India Art Fair 2013 & 2013, United Art Fair 2012 and the India Art Festival and has auctioned his paintings at renowned auction houses of India like Art Bull Auction House, Art Chutney, Art Banglore Auction House etc.

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