Eternal Verses

What: An exhibition of paintings by artist Ranadip Mukherjee. Ranadip Mukherjee’s love affair with one of the oldest cities in the world Benaras began way back in 1989. Benaras him is like a sensuous and a beautiful young girl, sometimes playful, sometimes somber, but always intense, and vividly colorful.

The city brings to his heart a feeling of melancholy, and a sense of continuity. Everywhere Mukherjee sees history, religion, sometimes dirt and filth, but above all it’s a tableau of India in every corner. Every corner of Benaras has a story to tell. The story of India. Mukherjee has been experimenting on painting Benaras for more than a decade. Mukherjee says that sometimes the forms come to him like tiny episodes of a play, sometimes the forms just seep into the canvas almost of their own volition. Everything about the city touches his heart – the old buildings, the incessant chanting on the banks of the Ganges , the endless throng of people seeking redemption, the belief of Hindus that it is the city which can transfer man from one state of being (human) into another (the spiritual) …. All these subtle and overt nuances of Benaras translate into colours and forms in Mukherjee’s paintings. The paintings are never predetermined or planned; they come to life within the canvas itself directly from the acrylic colour tubes. These recent works are Mukherjee’s personal, emotional, and expressional tribute to a city that he loves with all his heart.

Eternal Verses

When: Jan 22 to Jan 28, 11 am to 7 pm

Where: Jehangir Art Gallery, Gallery 3, 161-B, MG Road, Kala Ghoda

Contact:  9892259872

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