Shiamak Davar: As a child I enjoyed reading comics more than anything

Early reads: My first memory of reading would be Famous Five, and books by Enid Blyton. At a young age I honestly enjoyed reading comics more than anything else. Those days getting comics as gifts was fun and to exchange them among friends was very enjoyable or then going to the club library and getting a few. During my growing years I always remember my parents being avid readers and our house always had this huge sectional with various books. My sister was an avid fan of comics and that’s how I developed an interest in them too. I remember going to buy new comics at Shemaroo which was a very popular library then, and I remember reading comics galore.

First and last: Honestly, I don’t remember the first book I read but the last book I read was The Laws of the Spirit World by Khorshed Bhavnagri. This is my all-time favourite book and I keep reading it again and again. All that I know today is because of this book and it truly is my guiding light. I’m currently reading a book on Buddha.

Favourite writers: Oh, there are plenty of writers and authors whose writing is extremely inspiring. Dr. Brian Weiss, who I had the pleasure of meeting, is one of the finest. Anosh Irani is a famous Canadian writer who is also a dear friend; he is a fantastic writer, I simply love his non-fiction books as he has his own distinct style of writing.

Quick reader: I may not read a book in one sitting but when I pick up a book, I invariably finish it within a few days.

Library must-haves: The must-have books I would stock in my library include The Laws of the Spirit World and multiple copies of it, if I could! But if I had to pick other books then I would buy books by Edgar Cayce and Ruth Montgomery.

Travel reads: Most of the time at airports I am always at a book store. I love to read spiritual books when I’m travelling. While travelling and even otherwise, spiritualism is my favourite genre.

Book or movie?

When it comes to a screenplay adaptation that was better than the book, I have to say that all the cinematic adaptations, however brilliant, are simply not better than the books. I have always enjoyed the books more because they give flight to your imagination. It is very hard for a film to truly get the essence of a book.

Children’s choice: It is so important to ensure children read, it really helps broaden their imagination. The books I would recommend to children would be those by Dr. Seuss and Jules Verne.

News reading: I don’t really read the newspapers any more.

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