Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow by Jessica Townsend- Review

Name: Nevermoor

Author: Jessica Townsend

Paperback: 384 pages

Publisher: Orion book publishers

Roald Dahl has rightly said, that one who does not believe in the power of magic will never find one. We as kids or adults secretly wish to disappear into a magical world of talking trees and flying brooms filled with a gazillion adventures. Nevermoor: The trials of Morrigan Crow is one such book you must definitely not miss to read. Precisely belonging to children’s genre, even as adults this book keeps you captivated for varied reasons. Here is a small blurb of the book.

Having born on eventide, Morrigan Crow is a cursed child which means she is blamed for everything that goes wrong, like local misfortunes, hailstorms or troubled health and so on. Morrigan being a cursed child to have born on the unluckiest day, she is destined to die on her eleventh birthday. The tables, however, turn and she is rescued by Jupiter North while being chased by black-smoke hounds and shadowy hunters on horseback. Jupiter rescues Morrigan with an intent to give her a golden opportunity to be a part of the wondrous society so as to keep her safe. For this, Morrigan needs to pass through four difficult trials and emerge victorious. Each participant possesses a special talent to sail through the trials which Morrigan insists she does not have. In order to keep off her dark past she has to find a way to sail through these tests and become a member of the society.

For true-blue Harry Potter fans here comes another relishing book, which is sure to take you on another magical ride. What sets apart this book from other books is the language and the crisp flow in which the story progresses. Right from the beginning to the end, the book keeps you glued, making you more curious with the turn of each page. To get some warmth on chilly winter nights, all you need is a cosy blanket and a book to give you some warm company. This book is sure to take your hibernation mode to the next level.

It also puts across a good message to not just kids, but to adults as well that you need to believe in your talents and power, and refrain from the fear of failure. Each human has a past and rather than getting entangled in its shackles, it is important to set free and deal with the trials of life with complete vigour. If you ace at reading between the lines you will understand the theoretically astute messages embedded within the story. It also speaks about the special bond shared by Morrigan and Jupiter who saves her from the dark hounds and lends her an opportunity to be a part of the wondrous society.

At the time when she is rejected by her family, Jupiter acts as a fatherly figure and encourages her through the trials. For all those who suffer from bookish insomnia, thanks to books like Alice in Wonderland, this book is another adventurous joyride into the world of magic. Hop aboard as you get set to rush down hollow walls, onto a roller-coaster ride of a lifetime. You sure are to fall in love with each character and somewhere or the other you will be able to relate to it.

Virtual genesis marks the crux of a successful magical tale and this book fulfils this fantasy. The author has managed to create an entire motion picture right before your eyes through her mesmerising detailing. Both the protagonist and the antagonist have been characterised aptly compelling the readers to be glued till the end.

A highly recommended book for both kids and adults for its illustrative story angles and perfect characterisation. This book sends across a message of believing in your hidden strength and reaching for your goals by overcoming failures and obstructions with blasting energy and courage. If you belong to the breed of people in love with some magical joyrides, then grab a copy of this book before it vanishes off the shelves. On a scale of 5 will rate this book at 4.2.

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