Breach: Remarkable Stories of Espionage and Data Theft and the Fight to Keep Secrets Safe by Nirmal John-Review

Welcome to the 21st century where we are silently being followed by the web apocalypse and will soon be hit by it if we fail to realise it’s uncontrollably spreading web and instead prefer to be its slave. In a world where massive steps are put into practice to help conserve encryption security and eradication of data theft, Breach by Nirmal John is a subtle reminder of the fact that none of us are prone to data theft and that, if we take timely measures, we might ourselves trouble in future.

Breach is a collection of stories, which reflect how is data theft planned and executed in today’s era. This book is sure to change our perception about data security as well as will offer some tips into keeping our information safe.

We are grappled by serious technological ailments like piracy, phishing and so on, which we fail to address openly and which eventually are brushed off as a minor issue. However, this ignorance has paved way for rising crime associated with data theft. Turning on your computer or laptop opens various avenues thereby connecting you to the world, oblivion to the fact that in a parallel world, your information is exposed.

The good, the bad and the worse are all sides of the same cube and that is exactly what this book gives you a picture of. Information technology and data analytics are complicated subjects, however, are currently playing a pivotal role in our life. We are engrossed in finding our way through the web without even studying the importance of data security.

The flow of this book is crisp and does not give you over-the-top or unwanted explanations, rather hits the point and depicts reality as it is. It helps in changing your perception towards looking at technological developments and the hazards associated with it.

The book also sheds some light on the changing face of crime today, as it has become more technological, as hackers make their way under your nose before you manage to even blink an eye. New-age crime dealing requires first-hand information about technological advancements, improved ways of anti-hacking techniques and a third eye on the happenings in the techno-crime world.

These stories leave you shocked at the way the crime is planned and how it happens to affect the larger audience. The author here has taken special efforts to not just portray the status of data security in India but has also co-related it with other international medians engaged in it either directly or indirectly. Talking about cybersecurity, it highlights the way the tables are turning rapidly and how difficult it is to hold on to the culprit for there might be more than one lingering in the dark. Dealing with data crimes has now become a top priority has governments across the globes are roping in trained hackers who help them understand and eradicate loopholes in the system.

None of us are safe from this crime trail, however, we are responsible for our own cybersecurity to some extent. These cases are a lesson in following the ground rules of cybersecurity. Precise information bundled with real-time stories of recent times comes out for a deadly combo. With its perfect narration and up to the mark analysis, this book is a definite quick read on a relaxing weekend.

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