Mohit Uike
Mohit Uike

Bhopal: The way to success for small-town aspirations is always strewn with thorns. However, a 10-year-old page from Harda has opened a new chapter crossing all the hurdles. A sixth grader from Navoday has attempted breaking the world record in a number of martial arts kicks.

Mohit Uike from Timarni has applied with 395 kicks in a minute, surpassing the existing record of 355 kicks.

Mohit performed for his application for Guinness Book of Records on Sunday at Rain Basera hall in Timarni. His coach, Ritesh Tiwari, claims that the representatives of the world records will soon approve his application.

Mohit’s father, Kishan Uike, told Free Press he used to send his daughter to self-defence training. When Mohit was 2 years of age, he imitated the moves that his sister practised at home, said Uike, who is an assistant sub-inspector at Harda police station. At such a tender age, he followed his sister to the academy to learn more, he said. The coach noticed his interest and proposed to enrol Mohit with the training centre, he added.

Uike thought it was good for both his children to be together while he was away on duty. But, gradually, his little miracle boy began excelling in what his sister had started, he said. He gave so much time and energy in practice.

His sister, leaving the academy a few years later, did not deter him from continuing what caught his excitement so many years ago. He practised harder under the guidance of his coaches, Ritesh Tiwari and Mana Mandala, and earned a yellow belt for him.

In 2019, Mohit earned the India record with 285 kicks in a minute. It was then that his heart aspired for more. He researched the existing world record to find that it was owned by a Pakistani karateka, Ameen Bodla. After school, he used to run to the centre at 4 pm and practice till after dusk. In a year, he became capable of kicking about 400 times in a minute.

Now, he has applied for the Guinness Book of Records with 395 kicks. His coaches, parents, friends and Mohit are very sure about cracking the record and proving his worth to the world. Mohit said his parents always encouraged him to follow his dreams and do what he loved. He dreams of becoming a doctor one day.

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