Mhow : Water crisis is still prevailing in the lower settlements of the city even when the Cantonment Board Administration had spent Rs 5 Lakh so that water facility can reach the lower settlements of the city. It is being said that due to the pressure of some influential people of Main Street the lower settlements of the city are still deprived of proper water facility.

It is to be noted that Cantonment Board’s previous Administrator Rave Shaker had put up a new pipe line from water tank at Kowari Square and had connected it with main line situated at the corner of the Mammal Mohall. The residents of the lower settlements were relieved as after the execution of this pipe line the water reached to the lower settlements.

But this facility could only be executed for only one week as some influential residents of the Main Street protested against this facility as after the execution of this facility they were not getting proper water facility. They took this protest to Cantonment Board’s Office. And the Cantonment Board had again started the old arrangements of the water facility. Due to which the lower settlements were again deprived of the water facility. Some councilors protested in written form against this decision of the Board but they also have not raised their voice on this decision for some time.

The questions that are still prevailing are why the new water facility was closed down? Do only residents of Ward No 1 pay the water tax? And If Cantonment Board had close down the new water facility due to the pressure of some influential people then why don’t Board took actions against such people with the help of the police?

Only the Board Administration has answers to these questions. But one thing for sure till the Board finds answers to these questions the residents of lower settlements will continue to face water crisis.

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